What Is This Place?

Soma is a small social forum. It is free to be a member and you can share your blogs, discussions, comments, questings, findings, opinions, videos, and images with friends, and the world if you wish. The intention is to hold open a lovely and sacred space on the world wide web where people can be themselves, authentically contemplate whatever is passing through at the moment, and commune.

More generally....

It's about expansion and liberation. Truth.  Knowledge.  Wisdom. Being informed.  Being responsible. Consciousness on all levels, from the body to the world, from the individual soul to the cosmos,  moving through all that Is, within and without. Soul inspirations. The big issues. The difficult issues. The easier gentle stuff. People. Ecology. Health.  Humour. Spirit. Politics. Science. Wonders. Philosophy. Art. Dreaming.  Dharma. It's about a Universal, inclusive and syncretic approach to this very precious Human life. It's about enlightenment! It's an encouraging  sangha or community. An esoteric library being stocked in a sacred cave, and an aggregation source of some news and links to some of the happenings in the wild, wild world.


All who come in the spirit of friendship are welcome.