The Cultural Significance of Cyberpunk

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  • Also very good video.

    In terms of theme I coincidentally came across a theory this week that looks at science fiction. From an alternative point of view than this speaker. It is an audiobook Im listening to in very brief bursts called What is wrong with the World by GK Chesterton. So I have only listened to the first 90 minites. Chesterton noted the transfer of themes in novel writing from the past to the future. He was a good friend of HG Wells, even though they disagreed on so many things, which is sweet and old fashioned nowadays. But anyway Chestertons thought is that the past with all its fascination, history, himan achievement , philosophy etc daunts the modern human, makes them feel small, and insignificant, compared to the previous great people who have created against all the odds so many amazing things, whereas science fiction allows the reader to write themselves large as a future powerful yet largely imaginary creation. 

    I know Chesterton is quite orthodox but he maintained close friendships with people holding all kinds of beliefs. Anyway Iknow cery little about him as Ive just started on his works, but thought this idea coincided with the theme of this video, and might be interesting.

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