The Ancient Egyptian Obsession With Sex and Death | Private Lives Of The Pharaohs | Odyssey

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Sex. Death and the Lotus: What links a water lily, the afterlife and sex in Ancient Egypt? The team revisit the mystery of the Egyptian afterlife to find out...


Transliteration: NetchMe Mu.t


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    9498898672?profile=RESIZE_400xTransliteration : Mu

    9528786467?profile=RESIZE_400x9530739467?profile=RESIZE_400xTransliteration: rem em maa-t

    Truth:Mystery of Mem )

    We can see the idea of life and death even more evidently in the Hebrew word for truth, eMet ( or emu.t ;) ), which is made up of the first, middle and last letter of the Hebrew alphabet - Mem being the middle letter. In this word, Mem is the mediator between life and death, since the first two letters of the word spell em (mother - the beginning of life), and the last two letters spell met (death)

    Transliteration (  sexual delights, love pleasures) : NetchM-e Mu.t / Netch Mem u.t


    Transliteration( Death ) : mu.t, mi.t


    Transliteration ( to make pleasant, to heal, to make happy ): s-netch em



    • Atum's semen was the origin of the world, and masturbation the act of creation.


    Transliteration Mai (Mi)


    Transliteration ari-netchemm-t-am-henen


    the story of Osiris and Isis which also happened to be the origin of fellatio which symbolizes life in Egypt. Isis Blew and breathed life ( em ) into it  



    Transliteration Neb[t] Netchemtchem


    Transliteration Nthehtheh



    9530718868?profile=RESIZE_400xTransliteration: netchemnetchemiu

    Gods, definitively, are fond of symbolical meaning ....;)
    Taittirœya Br. 


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