Talk with Russia’s Leading Philosopher Aleksandr Dugin & Dr. Ejaz Akram: Liberal Modernity etc.

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Conversation with Russia’s Leading Philosopher, special representative of the Russian president Professor Aleksandr Dugin and Dr. Ejaz Akram, Prof. of Religi...

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    I am most of the way through. Generally I am in agreement with what the speakers say. The liberalist thrust that will not stop til we are post human or transhuman. The totalitarianism of liberalism that will not tolerate dissent - questioning - freedom.. Oddly I had recently reread that post i wrote at the beginning of the year which touches on this area.

    The one area Im not joining with is the end times sensation. The prophecies  the predictions. As long as I have been here there have been such and I do not think it is a good idea to join with millenarian type thought. My grandmother taught me to wait on St Malachy's prophecy when all the birds would gather and when when I saw the birds gather life went on and I learned that. We are too small as humans to be so sure of anything. In my opinion.

    Will watch rest as it is interesting.

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    • birds don't necessarily mean litteral birds...

    • talking about saint Malachy's prophecy , considering the recent pope has changed the definition of what a Pope is ( ) could be said that he is the last Pope under the old definition... ( )


      ps: rumors are that the Pope Francis is about to resign (take it with a grain of salt )

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  • I am very wary of Alexandr Dugin. Have read a fair amount about his hidden ideology and objectives.  But I will give this a look later as he is undeniably interesting!! 

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