Our Leaders Are Psychopaths

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continuing on the series of vid  :

Ole Dammegård - “Terror”

Eerie Predictions in Vegas... Cui Bono?

Meet Edward Bernays, Master of Propaganda

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  • we heard the problem , but the solutions seems murky at best ....

    here is one for you :

    Psilocybin + an extra shot of Oxytocin ....

    quote :


    So you're saying your brain has no capacity to feel rejection?
    Yeah, or the amount of rejection I would feel is much less than the average person. My circuits are tuned down, which is probably a product of genetics, and nobody quite knows the genetics of that circuitry yet. But another piece of evidence is that if you look at people in whom this circuitry is very active, they often have borderline personality disorder. Those are the people who feel hurt and rejected all the time. Some of them end up committing crimes because of this, like a psychopath, but for different reasons.

    Is there a way to manipulate this part of the brain?
    Well, there's a paper that came out last year that showed that there was one drug that turned it off. That is, an experiment was done with cancer patients who are afraid of dying. They have this sense of, I'm going to die, and there's going to be nothing out there. Just this existential dread. But when they were given psilocybin the fear went away.

    Psilocybin? As in magic mushrooms?
    That's right, magic mushrooms. So the study showed that psilocybin numbs a lot of psychic fear, and I would suggest it probably turns down the pain of social rejection."


    I Asked a Psychopath How to Stop Caring About Rejection
    As Dr. James Fallon describes, "When I get rejected, I feel bad for like negative-two seconds. I just don't give a shit."
  • Most of what James says in this I have heard before, the most interesting part (for me) is the psychopathic corporations gradually influencing the people of the world to become more psychopathic. An egregore effect.

    At this moment in time, regarding Las Vegas, I am not completely on board with the idea that this was a fake event by psychopathic overlord types. I think innocent people really got shot - some of the very early videos show me people genuinely shot and injured and some of the uglier graphic ones also. However, as to who shot them, this is a much more difficult thing. It was not a psychotic freak out as it was too long in the planning and execution. He did not shoot for 72 minutes as some say, but rather for 10 or 15 as was said in earliest reports, and then he shot himself or was shot. I think the spaces and odd bullet echoes are him moving between guns placed at different windows. My sense is that this was an ideological act - either he was radicalised in salafist Islam, or in some Antifa-style leftist activist hatred. He may have had help in either of these cases, there may be a ''unit'' so to speak. In any case, whatever it was, there is something fundamentally insidious about the act - the shooting of helpless, defenceless creatures penned in from above, like some grotesque abbatoir style massacre - that I find it appears designed to impart a message that rocks peoples basic sense of any security at all. These are just my speculations. It is so weird and awful that anything at all could be true. The conspiracy ideas that it is a false flag designed to lead to greater fortification and monitoring in 'smart' cities - including bollards and body scanners in public places (with possibly electro-magnetic field capabilities that could effectively generate force field prisons) -  is also quite a compelling theory (for me).

    It could also be a gun running deal gone sour or manipulated. In truth I don't have a clue about what happened here.

    Unfortunately I also guess we will never know the real truth of what happened in Las Vegas. If it is a psy-ops then the ones who coldly organised it are really monsters.

  • add  to it  the following:

    What is narcissistic perversion and how to deal with?

    encountered this term in French in a very good book of Marie-Laure Cuzacq "Les Manipulateurs, Les identifier, dejouer leurs pieges : (Manipulators, how to identify them and avoid  traps they set ). I  partially translated below  what concerns "Narcissistic pervert". Not sure if this book was ever translated to English, hope it will be one day. I use "he" here to save time, but of course you might have  the bad luck to meet such people of any gender.

    "Narcissistic pervert:
    -Has an elevated image of himself. However he often hides it to some extent, as too arrogant a behavior might be counterproductive in the pursuit of his goals. Internally however, he has, in spite of appearances an acute feeling of his own importance and often thinks he unique in his kind, special, different- in one word-superior. Thus he can demand services of other without thinking of returning them-since these services are his right-so he feels!
    -A total denial. He is unable to realize how noxious is his behavior, since it would contradict his high opinion of himself. It is nearly impossible to make him realize he has a problem, as this never occurs to him. Instead he finds faults with others. Narcissistic pervert has a technique to avoid internal conflicts and scruples. His defense is to externalize conflicts throwing the responsibility on others.
    -Utilitarian treatment of relationships and instrumental treatment  of others. Narcissistic pervert lives to fulfill his short-term desires and he will go long way to fulfill his goals. He considers people around him as a pawns in his game and tries to move them around according to his desires. If a person is useful to him he will be friendly and attentive during the time necessary to fulfill his needs. After that he will turn away without maintain the relation in any way, and later will totally forget the persons existence.
    -lack of empathy. A total lack of empathy is an important characteristics. Causing the suffering of others does not really affect him as it makes part of his"plan". However he can have a relatively good emotional intelligence. He knows well how to recognize emotional states of others and knows how to exploit them. He can also mimic emotions he does not feel himself in order to achieve desired effect. But love and attachment are not for him.. only for the "weaklings".
    -instrumental treatment of others- Manipulation requires good memory and cold blood, and here the narcissistic pervert is well equipped. Emotions certainly do not make him
    loose his head. Manipulating others is a source of joy for him, he thinks often: "It is not my fault that this person is so stupid to not to see what I am really doing" or "She deserves well this". He can feel real pleasure when cheating on others laughing in his sleeve on their lack of clear vision of the situation. Manipulation allows him to test hypotheses, play with emotions of others and test their limits, make plans concerning others, play around with these plans, modify them or destroy them according to the situation. Narcissistic pervert is a gamer.

    -Narcissistic pervert in a couple.
    Yes, narcissistic pervert seeks to be in a couple, and his victim has really a bad luck of her life. The capacity of the narcissistic pervert to pretend and hide his real self is proportional to his obnoxiousness.
    --"Vampirisation" of the victim.
    Narcissistic pervert has an unbalanced personality and often succumbs to a feeling of emptiness, which he is unable to admit to himself, but which he tries to manage using others. The result is that he envies or hates people who know how to enjoy in the present moment, are generous and able to love. His goal is to "posses" all these qualities to fill his emptiness and
    to keep the positive image of himself. This possession proceeds on the cost of his victim, who is deemed to lose these qualities in the process. Narcissistic pervert goes often even further, he exchange the roles and he manages to convince his victim that it is her herself who is responsible for all these failures.

    Seduction and destruction-
    One can ask how the narcissistic pervert manages to induce such a damage on a person without her rebelling or realizing what is going on. The big advantage of the narcissistic pervert is that he prepares his ground with lots of care, inducing in the beginning a destructive emotional dependence. He alternates the phases of seduction and destruction. At the start the pervert is evidently very cautious, he is smiling, supportive, attentive, an ideal partner! The victim, often unsure of herself but full of admiration falls under his charm. Later, first incidents arrive, hurting remarks, aggressive looks, unexpected or violent reaction. But after that quickly come pleasant moment when the pervert reacts as if nothing had ever happened, and the victim often asks herself if she did not dream up the unpleasant scenes. Is it the same person who was insulting me yesterday and he is sweet as a candy today?

    The victim is (nearly) consenting.
    This incoherent surface, the alternating of lovely/ugly is poisonous as the victim excuses much easier the tormentor who behaves in a very pleasant way from time to time. The victim tolerates more easy insults and other hurting behavior and is ready to forgive for few nice and pleasing moments, which as rule become less and less frequent. In fact the narcissistic pervert is very capable to select as "partners" persons who are easy to influence, or who have strong instinct to protect the others, or already have a tendency to feel guilty. It is easier to seduce them and play them using this line. For example the narcissistic pervert can express demands in such a way that they cannot be satisfied. Often the wish exceeds the capacity of the other person and the pervert uses this opportunity to reproach his victim for powerlessness
    or lack of good will with "If one wants one can". Or the demand comes in a wrong moment when the other person cannot respond to it, and provokes "you are never here when I need you". In this way the pervert places himself in the role of a victim to better play his game.

    Heed to warning signs of your emotions. Good relationships make you more open, joyful, wanting to share and create. If you experience the opposite-get out as quickly as you can, or even quicker.."


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      • here is an article with a different perspective :

         Sheep Logic - This Is The Age Of The High-Functioning Sociopath

        Authored by Ben Hunt via Epsilon Theory blog,

        These are baby-doll Southdowns, and yes, they’re exactly as cute as they look in this picture. We only have four today on our “farm”, as sheep have a knack for killing themselves in what would almost be comical fashion if it weren’t so sad. We keep them for their so-so wool, which we clean and card and spin and knit. It’s so-so wool because the Southdowns were bred for their meat, not their fleece, and I can’t bring myself to raise an animal for its meat. Well, I could definitely raise birds for meat. Or fish. But not a charismatic mammal like a baby-doll Southdown.


        Here’s the thing I’ve learned about sheep over the years. They are never out of sight of each other, and their decision making is entirely driven by what they see happening to others, not to themselves. They are extremely intelligent in this other-regarding way. My sheep roam freely on the farm, and I never worry about them so long as they stay together, which they always do. But if I only count three in the flock, then I immediately go see what’s wrong. Because something is definitely wrong.

        That’s the difference between a flock and a pack. A flock is a social structure designed to promote other-awareness. It has no goals, no coordinating purpose other than communication. A flock simply IS. A pack, on the other hand, is a social structure designed to harness self-aware animals in service to some goal requiring joint action — the raising of cubs, the hunting of meat, etc. Both the flock and the pack are extremely effective social structures, but they operate by entirely different logics.

        We think we are wolves, living by the logic of the pack.

        In truth we are sheep, living by the logic of the flock.

        § Easy Star All-Stars - Money §

        *  *  *

        There’s no domesticated animal species that has had more of a reputational fall from grace than the sheep. To call someone a sheep today is just about the worst insult there is. To call someone a sheep is to call them stupid and — more pointedly — stupidly obedient and in thrall to some bad shepherd.

        It wasn’t always this way. Jesus isn’t insulting you when He calls you a sheep. The point of all those Biblical allegories isn’t that sheep are stupidly obedient or easily led, but that the healthy life of a willful sheep requires a good shepherd.

        Ask anyone who actually keeps sheep. Sheep are weird. Sheep are evolved to have a very different intelligence than humans. But sheep are not stupid. Sheep are not obedient. And sheep are definitely not easily led.

        Of course, no one except a dilettante farmer like me keeps sheep today, so all of the Old Stories about sheep and shepherds have lost their punch. They’ve all been diminished through the modern lens of sheep-as-idiot-followers.

        Today most people dismiss the notion that good shepherds - i.e., individuals with expertise and wise counsel in some difficult to navigate field like … I dunno … investing — exist at all. And they utterly reject the idea that it’s actually okay not to have a fully formed and forcefully held opinion on anything and everything, that it’s not a sign of personal failure to say “I don’t know” and follow another’s lead.


        It’s not just the media careers and media business models that are built on the notion of the Constant Hot Take — an unending stream of contrarian opinions expressed in the most incendiary way possible, solely for the entertainment value of contrarian opinions expressed in the most incendiary way possible — it’s the millions of hours that so many non-media civilians will spend engaged on Twitter or Facebook or whatever to construct their own steady stream of Hot Takes and bon mot responses. All tossed out there like bottles into the vast social media ocean, never to wash up on any inhabited shore, lost in some great Sargasso Sea of impotent and forgotten texts.

        Why? Why does @RandoBlueStateLawyer with 45 followers spend the better part of every afternoon thinking about his next brilliant riposte to the latest Republican Hot Take on Obamacare reform? Why does @RandoRedStateRetiree spend every evening working himself into a MAGA apoplexy that can only be sated by retweeting his 19,001st Hannity blurb?

        To answer that question, I want to go back to the Old Stories. I want to share with you what sheep are really like.

        Sheep are evolved to have a specific type of intelligence which has the following hallmarks.

        1. Enormous capacity for other-regarding behaviors. Sheep are unbelievably sensitive to what other sheep are doing and their emotional states. If another sheep is happy — i.e., it’s found a good source of food, which is the only thing that makes a sheep happy — then every other sheep in the flock is filled with jealousy (there’s really no other word for it) and will move in on that good thing. If another sheep is alarmed — which can be from almost anything, as bravery is not exactly a trait that tends to be naturally selected in a prey species — then every other sheep in the flock is immediately aware of what’s going on. Sometimes that means that they get alarmed, too. As often, though, it’s just an opportunity to keep going with your own grazing without worrying about the alarmed sheep bumping into your happy place.
        2. Zero altruism and overwhelming selfishness. The most popular misconception about sheep is that they are obedient followers. It’s true that they’re not leaders. It’s true that they are incredibly sensitive to other sheep. But it’s also true that they are the most selfish mammal I’ve ever encountered. They don’t lead other sheep or form leadership structures like a pack because they don’t care about other sheep. Every sheep lives in a universe of One, which makes them just about the most non-obedient creature around.
        3. The determination to pursue any behavior that meets Hallmark #1 and #2 to absurd ends, even unto death. My worst sheep suicide story? The first year we kept sheep, we thought it would make sense to set up a hay net in their pen, which keeps the hay off the ground and lets the sheep feed themselves by pulling hay through the very loose loops of the net. Turned out, though, that the loops were so loose that a determined sheep could put her entire head inside the net, and if one sheep could do that, then two sheep could do that. And given how the hay net was hung and how these sheep were sensing each other, they started to move clockwise in unison, each trying to get an advantage over the other, still with their heads stuck in the net. At which point the net starts to tighten. And tighten. And tighten. My daughter found them the next morning, having strangled each other to death, unable to stop gorging themselves or seeking an advantage from the behavior of others. The other sheep were crowded around, stepping around the dead bodies, pulling hay for themselves out of the net. That was a bad day.

        In both markets and in politics, our human intelligences are being trained to be sheep intelligences.

        That doesn’t make us sheep in the modern vernacular. We are not becoming docile, stupid, and blindly obedient. On the contrary, we are becoming sheep as the Old Stories understood sheep … intensely selfish, intensely intelligent (but only in an other-regarding way) and intensely dogmatic, willing to pursue a myopic behavior even unto death.

        Why are we being trained to think like sheep? Because sheep are wonderful prey animals. They pay the rent with their fleece, and when push comes to shove you can eat them, too. Plus they’re not helpless prey animals. Sheep are quite competent and rather self-sufficient prey animals, which from a smart owner’s perspective is really what you want. If sheep were truly docile and stupid, then they’d be way too much trouble to keep. Nope, with sheep you can let them wander around all day and do their thing. Just keep them from killing themselves in some really stupid accident and you can harvest them for years and years and years.

        How are we trained to think like sheep? By the rewards we receive from our modern social institutions for other-regarding flock behaviors like jealousy (feeling sad when others are glad) and schadenfreude (feeling glad when others are sad), and by the penalties we receive for self-regarding pack behaviors like honor and shame. If you’ve ever kept a pack animal like a dog, you know how clearly they can experience a sense of shame, that feeling when you believe you’ve let the pack down through your personal failure. Sheep have no shame. Not a bit. Shame requires self-evaluation and self-judgment against some standard of obligation to the pack,

        § Shame Shame Shame §

        • Why do we need shame? Because with no sense of shame there is no sense of honor. There is no mercy. There is no charity. There is no forgiveness. There is no loyalty. There is no courage. There is no service. There is no Code. There are no ties that bind us as citizens, as fellow pack members seeking to achieve something bigger and more important than our ability to graze on as much grass as we can. Something like, you know, liberty and justice for all.

        concepts which would make sheep laugh if they could. Sheep are enormously other-aware, but never other-obliged. They’re high-functioning sociopaths, shameless creatures of jealousy and schadenfreude, which is exactly the type of human most purely designed to succeed in the modern age.

        The mechanism for all this sheep training, particularly in our investment lives, is what game theory calls the Common Knowledge Game. Once you start noticing it, you will see it everywhere.

        read on ....

        It’s time to be wolves. Not as devourers, but as animals that know honor and shame. It’s time to be wise as serpents and harmless as doves. It’s time to remember the Old Stories. It’s time to find your pack.

        § Howlin' Wolf - Smokestack Lightnin' §


        Sheep Logic
        These are baby-doll Southdowns, and yes, they’re exactly as cute as they look in this picture. We only have four today on our “farm”, as sheep have a…
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