Of UFOs and Black Magicians: A Latter-day Demonology (Interview with Metaphysicist Charles Upton)

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Continuing my buzz on the Traditionalists...Charles Upton gives his opinion on a theory he has about UFOs etc. I'm reading through Rene Guenon's books at the moment and so all this kind of stuff feeds in, that's why I'm riffing on it. So here is a video about angels and djinns and the dream world and cabal conspiracies to dehumanise us and bring in 'New World Orders' and 'One World Religions' and mentions of Guenon's ideas and the war of Light against darkness, and Christian and Islamic allegories, and lots more. he is light-hearted too, so it's not a downer..

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  • ... more info / book → https://www.kobo.com/us/en/ebook/cracks-in-the-great-wall

    Cracks In The Great Wall eBook by Charles Upton - 9781597319812 | Rakuten Kobo
    Read "Cracks In The Great Wall UFOs and Traditional Metaphysics" by Charles Upton with Rakuten Kobo. Can we really know what UFO's are? The answer is…
    • Thanks for the link, might order that book.

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