COVID, Ivermectin, and the Crime of the Century: DarkHorse Podcast with Pierre Kory & Bret Weinstein

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On this very special live broadcast of the DarkHorse podcast, Dr. Bret Weinstein (Ph.D) and Dr. Pierre Kory (M.D.) will discuss the ongoing pandemic, the car...

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    The above video was removed by youtube. It can be viewed on FLCCC Alliance website

    Covid, Ivermectin and the Crime of the Century Podcast with Dr. Pierre Kory
    Dr. Pierre Kory, Chief Medical Officer of the FLCCC Alliance, joins Bret Weinstein, host of The DarkHorse Podcast to discuss “Covid, Ivermectin and t…
  • just wanted to add a bit of info: read into it whatever you want , as i am not a doctor ....

    Our study is based on the previously tested in vitro reports of the use of ivermectin against several RNA and DNA human and animal viruses12, such as influenza A, West Nile, Venezuelan equine encephalitis, Zika, chikungunya, Newcastle disease, and porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome viruses; HIV-1; dengue fever, yellow fever, tick-borne encephalitis, and pseudorabies viruses; porcine circovirus, parvovirus and bovine herpesvirus.


    I highlighted parvovirus as it is a canine corona virus that is highly deadly to pups, which happened to my brothers dogs. the vet said there was nothing to be done except treat them with Vitamin C intraveinous. However, not being satisfied with his answer ( lets just say i went disco :) ) , did my research and found out Ravinsara essential oil does the trick diluted in vegetable oil ( orally and rubbing the belly ). After three weeks of treatment ( we could have stopped at a week and half , but the second pup got infected too so we treated them both ) , now the pups are all healthy and mischevious.

    so i would suggest you look into ravintsara as a prevention against the "Beer Bug".

    as for me a drop of diluted Ravinsara in my coffee works for me ( not that it might work for you )

    cheers and God Speed :)


    • Thanks a million, I never heard of it.

      I see there are 2 oils with similar names - do you mean ravintsara or ravensara?

      Both belong to Lauraceae species.

      I have a large collection of oils and use them a lot. Will add this one to my stocks and use in diffuser and bath first while I research it.

      • ravintsara , i mispelled it in previous post :)


        • Thanks! I will order some.

This reply was deleted.
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