Colin Wilson (1931 - 2013): The High and the Low (Part 1 Complete) -- A Thinking Allowed Program

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  • Fabulous interview! Inspirational :)

  • My God, I have watched to 7.44 minutes and he describes exactly what i experienced, though he solved it in 3 months and it took me 13 years. I am quite moved to hear Colin describe it as I am such a big admirer of him, and now I know he also had that terror.

    Will watch the rest now|

    • we all have a Ghost in the Shell...... :)


      know thyself....


      The vast majority of human beings both incarnated and disincarnated are, in one way or form, connected to an Egregore. 

      § Cerrone - Supernature §



      Sumer :  IGIGI - Those Who See and Observe





      Image from Shaman King

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