Bob Dylan - Murder Most Foul (Official Audio)

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Listen to Bob Dylan’s “Murder most foul..."

Oh my God, what a work.

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  • Dylan just plays piano these days. Some kind of minor palsy has kept him off the guitar. He's behind a huge white piano on many of the recent videos, the peripatetic bard, inside the young harlequin parades on the beach as if Mr. Tambourine Man wore cymbals on his toes. That is no doubt him on the piano on this track. A gift from the archives, he tells us, with long rhyming improvisations that the official Columbia version would not bear, as this take is 3 times as long as "Sad Eyed Lay of the Lowlands". During lockdown, the more verses, the better!

    • A beautiful review. I am sure Bob would appreciate the lyricism.

      I shared this with my brothers and sisters on a family social media stream and none of them got it...hahah always the odd one out. :)

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