BACK 2 BAM (sequel to B.A.M) by the team of REVELATION OF THE PYRAMIDS

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Go deeper into the B.A.M experience!With this sequel to B.A.M


follow up to revelation of the pyramids....

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  • in the Book of Thoth, Generally in this text , craftsman is a broader term encompassing the office of “prophet” as well.... book of thoth


    § Man Turns Animal skeewiff §


    aggelos: an angel, messenger___ Definition: a messenger, generally a (supernatural) messenger from God, an angel, conveying news or behests from God to men. Strong's Greek: 32. (aggelos) -- an angel, messenger ----- 32 (ággelos) is used 176 times in the NT (usually of heavenly angels) ---- In Rev 2, 3, "angels" seems to refer to heavenly angels that serve God
    • so the pyramid :

      made of 203 layers of different heights ( at 46:11 min of the vid )



      numbers point to a background reality in which psyche and matter are no longer distinguishable.

      Marie-Louise von Franz

      § I Got Soul Boots Made For Walkin §



      Well known American Egyptologist Mark Lehner has stated that the ancient Khemitian term for pyramid was something he calls Mr


      • The Great Pyramid ( also called Mr ) consists of an estimated 2.3 million blocks.
      • the King's Chamber has always maintained a constant comfortable temperature of 68 degrees, no matter what the outside temperature was.


       * 32 > 5 .....  68 > 14 > 5


      § Dean Martin :::: Wham ! Bam ! Thank You Ma'am ! §

      • Number Five (5) and Phi


        • The number 5 is intrinsically related to Phi and the Fibonacci series.

        Phi can be derived from several formulas based on the number 5.  The most traditional, based on the geometric construction of phi is this:

        Phi, the golden ratio, as a function of root 5 + 1 / 2

        This formula for phi can also be expressed all in fives as:

        Φ = 5 ^ .5 * .5 + .5


        Another formula for phi based entirely on 5’s, an original insight contributed by Erol Karazincir (, is as follows:

        Phi, the golden ratio, as a function of root ((5+root 5)/5-root 5))

        And, as pointed out by W. Nathan Saunders, the terms in above representation of phi can be expressed in yet another way that involves four 5’s:

        (5 + √5) x (5 – √5) = 5 + 5 + 5 + 5


        Phi appears in the geometry of the 5-sided pentagon


         § Hey Douglas - Yolcu §


        Number Five (5) and Phi - The Golden Ratio: Phi, 1.618
        The number 5 is intrinsically related to Phi and the Fibonacci series. Phi can be derived from several formulas based on the number 5.  The most trad…


        from : Navigating the Dark Night of the Soul



        “Get thee back, Hai, thou impure one, thou abomination of Osiris! Thoth hath cut off thy head....


        § Sage Francis - Clickety Clack §


        • so if he cut off its head then Am-aa loses its head and becomes M-aa

        funny how the great pyramid is missing "its head" too..... ;)


        9552090664?profile=RESIZE_400xthat hieroglyph  also has the phonetic value of Maāt, is described by some as a “cubit,” i.e., the measure of a cubit, and by others as a “flute”


        “On thy face [O fiend], and devour me not, for I am pure, and I am with the time which cometh of itself.... He that slayeth [thee] there is in the form of the Eye of Horus, and I have driven thee away as thou wast advancing, and I have vanquished thee by the winds of my mouth.

        23 Formula for opening the mouth of a man in the underworld.

        77 Formula for taking the form of a falcon of gold

        167 Formula for fetching a wedjat-eye


        § Hülya Süer - Şeker Oğlan (Kozmonotosman Rework) §



        Navigating the Dark Night of the Soul
                  by Chiara Viscomi, M.A.   “In a real dark night of the soul it is always three o’clock in the morning, day after day.” — F. Scott Fitzgeral…
        • History of Belly Dancing

          Considered the oldest known dance by some experts, the roots of belly dancing were planted in the Middle East, Mediterranean, and northeastern Africa; some sources claim that the pyramid builders in ancient Egypt were belly dancers MiN and the NiNe Muses  ) . Regardless of when it began, belly dancing was traditionally performed for other women, usually during formal events like fertility rites or pre-marriage ceremonies

          9756355097?profile=RESIZE_400x9756416490?profile=RESIZE_180x180 "he whose arm is raised in the East" in the Pyramid Texts is thought to refer to Min.[5]

          608b. if thou stretchest out thine arm toward the East, so wilt thou . stretch out thine arm to N.

          253d. They announce to him who lifts up his arm in the East

          § Cahit Oben - Halimem / Reworked by GHODEX §



          Pyramid Texts
          The Pyramid Texts are the oldest ancient Egyptian funerary texts, dating to the late Old Kingdom. They are the earliest known corpus of ancient Egypt…
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