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Aug 1, 2019
1:08 Lughnasadh shona dhaoibh go leir...Happy Lughnasadh, happy harvest x

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  • Brón Trogain - the earth sorrows

    The ancient festival of Lughnasa, celebrating the first fruits of the harvest, undoubtedly has roots deep in prehistory. Many of the traditional assembly sites (Tailtiu, for example) had such assemblies at this time of the year. However, the festival we know as Lughnasa may have had another, older name, according to Máire MacNeill, author of the celebrated and comprehensive book 'The Festival of Lughnasa'.

    This name was Brón Trogain. MacNeill points to a phrase used twice in Acallamh na Senórach (Tales of the Elders of Ireland): "Laithe mís trogain risa ráidhter in lugnasadh" (the first day of the month of Trogan now called Lughnasa). A verse attributed to Fionn speaks of a feast made for him every year on the day of Brón Trogain. In Tochmarc Emire the quarterly festivals are named and in a passage explaining the names it is said that Brón Trogain, the beginning of harvest, means that the earth sorrows under its fruits. It is, says MacNeill, a metaphor based on the travail of birth.

    The harvest of barley at Newgrange Farm has been collected, and the straw baled. From now until spring of next year, the earth reverts to a barren, cold and dead state. There is much joy in the fruits of the harvest, but there is that sadness too - the sorrow that the earth has yielded its fruits and is now sterile again.


  • If google translate gets that simply means happy lughnasadh to all... :-)
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