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  • Oh I am very sorry to hear this news, thanks for relaying it, Vinnie.

    There is hardly any evening that I do not click on absoluteoracle just to get a word or two.

    I had hoped to go some day to Goteburg and make a short film of Gary, but never got around to it. Wish I had.

    May he rest in eternal peace.

  • Not many people on this planet had personal experience with him but some of you were indeed aware of him. It is with sadness that I post this. He changed my life.

    Gary Chicoine

    May 21st 1942 – December 1st 2020

    An Appreciation

    Gary Chicoine embodied the transcendent value of wholeness and non-duality. This was a highly challenging role to play in the cultures of North America, Britain and Sweden where he spent most of his life. He researched, realised and transmitted many deeper qualities throughout his life, as a family man, leader of a small research group, educationalist and business owner. The seeds he planted in a variety of settings and groups continue to germinate and grow.

    His interests were wide-ranging, and he never did things by halves, whether it was playing football (he was on the college team), driving a truck, playing table-tennis or making art or music. In his twenties, he exhibited his paintings, and later in his life he composed music and made composite movies for those close to him. He loved to do chess research, played chess from an early age and soon reached expert level. Above all his research interest was into the human predicament, for which he developed a profound appreciation, leading to in-depth study of esoteric traditions.

    In his early phase in the high plains of Wyoming and Montana, Gary studied, accessed and integrated esoteric aspects of a wide range of traditions from around the world, from indigenous to mainstream, sharing his insights with those drawn to his penetrating approach.

    On moving to England and then Scotland with his family, he continued to share his integrative and holistic insights and practices. Some specific projects were

    • Interpreting the Anvikshiki Vidya as a basis of human evolutionary potential
    • Linking the teachings of Gurdjieff and Bennett to Yogic and Chan Buddhist practices
    • Designing and guiding a comprehensive research pilgrimage in India, Turkey and Egypt, which resulted in the gathering of literature, rare film footage, interviews and music recordings from remarkable people previously inaccessible for study, in the pre-internet era.
    • Creating mandalas that showed the unity and the differences between spiritual traditions
    • Leading a research group on creative problems solving and decision-making methods
    • Guiding a pioneering consultancy in personal and organisational learning
    • Inspiring a private school for children of all ages based on the principles of eudemony
    • Co-authoring a science fiction epicthat demonstrates the cosmic scope of his research
    • Synthesising his insights from all of the above and more into an online oracle for all, including countless articles revealing the extent and depth of his research.
    • Setting the scene for what later became known as the World Mandala

    In the early part of this century, the world turned away from learning and creativity, signalling the end of that phase and leading to the closure of the remaining company he had founded. Gradually he removed himself from all spheres of public life, choosing to spend his time between Serbia and Sweden with his beloved wife and his epic collection of movies, especially science fiction.

    For those who encountered him personally, Gary will be remembered for many different things – he offered an existential mirror some found challenging, but all will remember his sense of humour, his love of learning and his unbounded zest for life lived to the fullest degree.

    In this time of epochal transition and rampant materialism it is questionable whether humanity will rise to the inner challenge of the global predicament. Gary held both the deep inner and the chaotic existential predicament together in his consciousness, refusing to polarise in the one versus the other. Only physical passing of time will reveal the value of the transformative seeds that he has sown in his contribution to the transition to a One World consciousness.

    Terra Non Firma (Cosmic Horizon Book 1) - Kindle edition by Chicoine, Gary, Romanes, Julian, Tait,…
    Terra Non Firma (Cosmic Horizon Book 1) - Kindle edition by Chicoine, Gary, Romanes, Julian, Tait, Don, Tait, Frances. Download it once and read it o…
  • Time to eat birthday cake gif

    Happy Birthday!

    May you....

    Image result for live long and prosper gif

  • Happy Birthday. Wishing you more long life, health and happiness. 

    Cool animated gifs.

    Galaxy Cupcakes

    Have a wonderful year.

  • Have a wonderful birthday and a great year to come.

    Wishing you long life, health and happiness.


    ♥️️Happy Birthday

  • 3024582?profile=originalHi Chief. I thought you'd enjoy this real life picture of a UFO taken by my friend Savannah. She didn't see it in the eye of the camera when she shot the photo. She only noticed it later.

  • Birthday wishes! To funny

    songs birthday | ... -happy-birthday-tooooo-yoooooo-musicchick-funny-birthday-4.gif

    Happy Birthday. Have a wonderful day and wishing you all the very best in the coming year.

  • Welcome.


    Glad you joined :)


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