M87- Event Horizon of Black Hole - First Ever Image

Just released!

First-ever image of the event horizon of a black hole, captured by the Event Horizon Telescopeproject. 


Q & A at Reddit - AskScience AMA Series: We are scientists here to discuss our breakthrough results from the Event Horizon Telescope. AUA!


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  • Ta-dah! Mystery solved...

    No photo description available.

  • The Event Horizon Telescope (EHT) — a planet-scale array of eight ground-based radio telescopes forged through international collaboration — was designed to capture images of a black hole. Today, in coordinated press conferences across the globe, EHT researchers have revealed that they have succeeded, unveiling the first direct visual evidence of a supermassive black hole and its shadow.

    The image reveals the black hole at the centre of Messier 87, a massive galaxy in the nearby Virgo galaxy cluster. This black hole resides 55 million light-years from Earth and has a mass 6.5 billion times that of the Sun

    Press conference right now! eso.org/live. Details on the discovery can be read here: https://www.eso.org/eht Press Release: https://www.eso.org/public/news/eso1907/



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