Introductory Nadi Shodhan


Nadi Shodhan Stage One

Sit upright and comfortable.

Settle body. Close eyes and mouth. Breathe easily through nose. Pause until ready.

Bring right hand to face. Rest index finger and middle finger at eyebrow centre. Thumb is now available to control right nostril and ring finger is now available to control left nostril.

Breathe out fully

Block right nostril gently with thumb so no air can get in.

Inhale normally and easily and exhale normally and easily through Left nostril only. Repeat 5 slow easy times, using normal rhythm, and pace. Don't deliberately change your breath. No need.

Block Left nostril with ring finger and inhale and exhale 5 normal times through right nostril only.

Let hand come to rest in lap

Breathe normally and easily through both nostril for 5 rounds.

Repeat the whole of above 3 - 5 rounds.

Get comfortable with this over time before proceeding to Stage 2.

(to follow at later time)

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