Shambavi Mudra ~ Eyebrow Centre Gazing

Shambavi Mudra ~ Eyebrow Centre Gazing


Sit comfortably, spine erect.


Close the eyes and relax the face and let breath settle.


Slowly open the eyes and look forwards and then let gaze move upwards.

Gradually focus the eyes inwards towards the eyebrow centre. No strain. At first you will maintain this practice for mere moments, until gradually over a period of time you will become accustomed. Do not allow discomfort. A few seconds is fine. Breathe normally.


If you find it difficult, place one finger in front of the eyes at eyebrow centre height and then move that finger in towards the face keeping the gaze on the finger tip. This will train the eyes.


Close the eyes as soon as you need to and before there is ANY discomfort. Relax and focus now on the dark space behind the closed eyes, the Chidakasha, or inner space.

A few short rounds is fine.

Do not practice if you have any eye ailments.

 You can lick your finger and mark eyebrow centre with your saliva which makes focusing there easier too, for some.

(Haha..sorry ..could not resist this guy..I mean, who could?)


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