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We are incredible beings full of healing energy to heal ourselves and our world. We are love and light:

Nyasa can mean...



Consecration of parts of the body


To arouse consciousness in...

Imbuing with mantras.

It is a very old practice in Tantra. A variation of it has been used in modern times in Rotation of Consciousness pr

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112 Meditations

112 Meditations. 

From Vijnana Bhairava Tantra

Sources of Translations used here~

Paul Reps ~

Daniel Odier ~

Osho ~ http://www.meditationiseasy

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Nada Meditation

Nada Meditation


Sit in Nadanusandhasana, like so.


Roll up a doubled blanket to make a thick roll and sit on it, on your hunkers.

Make sure it is high enough and secure enough that you are steady. Fix it so that it is.


Place elbows on knees and

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Kaya Sthairyam ~ Meditation


This is a fundamental meditation technique.

Normally in meditation we aim to forget the body. 

But the mind is tricky and starts to feel discomfort or pain, restlessness or impatience ~ and these feelings manifest within the body. We find it har

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Trataka ~ Candle gazing


Trataka means ‘to gaze steadily’. It is a meditative technique common to most metaphysical systems, in various forms.

Concentration is the essence of Trataka – one-pointedness of the mind, the ability to hold one’s a

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