Kaya Sthairyam ~ Meditation


This is a fundamental meditation technique.

Normally in meditation we aim to forget the body. 

But the mind is tricky and starts to feel discomfort or pain, restlessness or impatience ~ and these feelings manifest within the body. We find it hard to remain still.

So, the practice of Kaya Sthairyam co-operates with the monkey mind. The practitioner focuses so intently in this practice on the body, directing all of the mind to the body, so that the converse happens. The awareness spontaneously introverts.

There is no need for complicated instructions.

So basically...

Sit in your meditation posture.

Spine, neck and head erect.

Chest open. Shoulders relaxed. Hands on the thighs...etc.

Close the eyes.

Be aware in one glimpse of the whole body. Feel that the body is like a mountain; the spinal column is the centre of that mountain; the base of the body is the base of that mountain. Your body is rooted.

Begin to build a sense of the steadiness in your body.

Yes, you may be aware of aches, pains, tiredness, and so on. Direct your mind into these sensations in the body. If other thoughts arise, let them; but try to be simultaneously aware of the various sensations in your body.

Then move through your whole body in a rotation of consciousness, beginning with your right foot, left foot, right leg, left leg, right buttock, left buttock, and so on and so forth through the whole physical structure. Be aware of the sensations in whatever part you are focusing on.

The practice of peace.

When you complete one round of this, be aware of the whole structure again. The absolute stillness, the intense steadiness of your body.

Resolve that you will remain steady.

Completely motionless.


Repeat the rotation of consciousness slowly through the whole body again.

Imagine that you are aware of these parts for the first time ever. All sensations. All aches or discomfort. All feelings of wellness. Everything absolutely steady.

You may experience psychic stiffening of the body. You may find your body feel weightless. You may feel none of the above :)

Do not create tension by being frustrated if the mind wanders. Be simultaneously aware of the practice. On the other hand, don't let yourself drift completely in thoughts...

This practice can last for about 10 minutes.

If you wish then to continue with a further technique do so.

Or simply finish Kaya Sthairyam and Ground out into your surroundings.


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