Never Abdicate Your Authority ~ Adyashanti

''This means that you take full responsibility for your life and never forfeit it over to someone else. There is no such thing as riding the coattails of an enlightened being to enlightenment itself. A failure to understand this can lead to cultish fanaticism, fundamentalism, magical thinking, disappointment, disillusionment, and/or spiritual infancy.

While there may be deep respect, love, and even devotion to one’s spiritual teacher, it is important not to abdicate all of your authority over to your spiritual teacher or project all divinity exclusively onto them. Your life belongs in your hands, not someone else’s. Take responsibility for it. There is a fine line between being truly open to the guidance of a spiritual teacher and regressing into a childish relationship where you abdicate your adulthood and project all wisdom and divinity onto the teacher.

The same can be applied to a spiritual teaching. A spiritual teaching is a finger pointing toward Reality; it is not Reality itself. To be in a true and mature relationship with a spiritual teaching requires you to apply it, not simply believe in it. 

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What is it to not abdicate your own authority and yet not claim a false or self-centered authority that will lead you into delusion? I am afraid that I cannot tell you. You see, no one can tell you how not to deceive yourself. If in the deepest place within you, you want and desire Truth above all else, even though you go astray in a thousand different ways, you will find yourself somehow, again and again, being brought back to what is True.''

This is an extract from his Ebook ''The Way of Liberation''.

I don't know the man, but I have a couple of his books and have read other work by him and he seems a decent and good human being. Adyashanti has ''Five Foundations'' which he says guide a human life towards and after 'awakening'. These are 

Clarify Your Aspiration

Unconditional Follow Through

Never Abdicate Your Authority

Practise Absolute Sincerity

Be a Good Steward of Your Life

These can be read further in his short book ~

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