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Who is the Kali of the Yuga?


Right at the time of his birth Kali carried an Upaasthi (a small bone) and his entire body complexion was sooty and dark. This huge-being, with a terrible tongue and an obnoxious smell about his entire physique, chose gambling, liquor, woman (prost

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Moral Relativism

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In other places, briefly, I have mentioned this concept, and it is something that returns to me fairly regularly. I have not ''worked out'' any theory on it, and perhaps do not even fully understand what it means. Nevertheless there is sometimes a

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Which Yuga?

An acquaintance recently pointed out that not all Vedic scholars agree that we are in the Kali Yuga, and that perhaps reference to the Kali Yuga is used too often by any of us folk to disguise plain old misanthropy, or on a wider scale as a recruitin

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Be Who You Are ~ Jean Klein

Liberation means to live freely in the beauty of your absence.~ Jean Klein

This feeling we never outgrow This picture makes me smile!! I can't remember a time I was not in love with the water and beach.:

In your daily life you may experience moments of absolute silence in which there is nothing to do, nothing to avoid, nothing to achieve. In these moments, you're completely

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Father and Mother

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The quotes on the home page over the past few days were written more than 1500 years apart. The first is ascribed to the anonymous author(s) of the Chandogya Upanishad in the 8th century BC -

''We should consider that in the inner world Brahman (G

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