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The Older Asana (Yoga Poses)

''Child, concepts are wild and stubborn, so remain mindful at all times.''

~Padampe Sangye (Indo-Tibetan yogi 12th century)



Much of what is taught in Yoga classes nowadays are recently invented postures or ways of moving/contorting the body. This

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In the second picture the arms are back on calves but for this practice just leave the arms where they are in the first pose, so that the head will be on ground between palms of hands.....

Come into forward bend on floor.

Arms and hands spread mor

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Simhasana - Lion's Roar


Kneel on floor...ordinarily..

Spread knees apart and place palms on ground, fingers pointing inwards.

Or outwards or whatever feels comfortable...

When ready Inhale and raise head, eyes looking towards eyebrow centre, stick out tongue and practice

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Lie down flat on back.

Bend knees, bring footsoles to floor, knees  and feet are both  hip distance apart.

Hands down alongside body.

Chin slightly tucked towards chest.

Inhale raise lower spine slowly off ground and come up only as far as comforta

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Ardha Shalabhasana - easy Version


Come to lie down Flat on tummy. Practice ARDHA  SHALABHASANA.

Arms are stretched out on floor above head, palms down,

visualise line from left fingertips to right toe and

then raise the arm and leg along this diagonal.

Move head to face upstretche

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Ardha Ushtrasana - easy version


Preparatory practice before full Ushtrasana

Come into a kneeling pose. Knees are hip distance apart. Feet are hip distance apart and toes are tucked under for stability.

Straighten body. Push forward hips a little bit. Join hands in front of Chest

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Churning The Mill



Sit as on the floor legs stretched out straight in front of you, tail bone tilted a bit back, then open the legs as far apart as is comfortable for you.

Imagine you are holding a big spoon ad before you is a big pot. 

Moving in a slow steady circul

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Rowing the Boat




Sit with the legs together stretched out straight in front of you. Pull back the sitting bones, (by moving the buttocks with your hand if necessary) so that there is a slight tilt back of tail bone. Do not let the tail bone tilt b

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Meru Wakrasana


A simple spinal twist.

Sit with the legs stretched out in front. Pull back sitting bones so that you are sitting straight in lower back.

Place the right foot (with the right knee bent) on the far side of the left knee.

Now turn the whole upper bod

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Sit on your heels. Come then onto hands and knees, in all fours position. Tuck your toes under.

Raise the buttocks and straighten the knees. Adjust your position if necessary by walking back the toes a little so that your back is straight.

Head is

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