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Tiryaka Tadasana ~ Swaying Tree

Tiryaki Tadasan ~ Swaying Tree


Stand with feet about 2 foot apart. Feel strong connection between footsoles and floor throughout practice, like roots embedded in earth.

Interlink fingers in front of abdomen. Eyes closed.


Inhale and raise arms, tu

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Stretching Tadasana

Stretching Tadasana.


Stand with the feet shoulder distance apart, spine erect, shoulders comfortable.


Interlink the fingers in front of the abdomen, palms facing upwards, arms and hands soft.

Focus your gaze on a point on the wall at eye level, s

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Butterfly ~ Warm Up

Butterfly - Warm Up


Sit comfortably on floor and bring the foot-soles together, with the knees out to the side.


Take a hold of the feet and keep the spine long and tall. Make sure the tail bone is tilted out not inwards, so that you are sitting d

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Hip Circling ~ Warm Ups

Hip Circling (Warm Up)


Stand with the feet about 2 foot apart. Bend the knees very slightly. Hands on hips.

Spine straight but comfortable, shoulders relaxed. Circle very slowly from the hips for a while in one direction and then the other. Imagine

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Shavasana ~ ''Corpse Pose''


An apparently simple pose...after all who doesn't know how to lie down and chill out?

But it is the core practice of Yoga, for it is the complete stilling of the body, which allows the relaxation of the entire psycho-physiological system, and therea

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Surya Namaskara ~ Sun Salutation






Surya Namaskara translates as Salutation to The Sun.


It is a sadhana or practise of ‘Solar Revitalisation’.


The practice itself revolves around 12 postures which regulate the prana in the body. It is very u

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Yoga Program for the Back

This is based on the program developed by Swami Janakananda - who teaches at the  Håå Course Centre in Sweden. It is from his book ...

''Yoga, Tantra and Meditation in Daily Life.''

''The purpose of yoga is to prepare for meditation. Yoga has no pu

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Why Practise Asana?




To tell the truth if I had discovered yoga asana as it is widely practised today in both the West and in modern India, with its emphasis on super-skinny gymnastics, hot-rooms, and body-beautiful, I would probably never have taken to the pract

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Balancing Asana


These asana (postures) involve learning how to focus on the centre of gravity in the body, gaining co-ordination and  well, strangely enough, ‘’balance’’ in the body.

They work on the physical level, stimulating those parts of the brain and nervou

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