Shashank-Bhujangasana ~ Striking Cobra



Hare- Forward bend and Cobra all-in-one......

No 1 - Vajrasana.

No 2. Shashankasana.

No 3 - Pranamasana

No 4 Bhujangasana.

This is a fluid, graceful, slow transition from one pose to the next.

Sit on your heels in Vajrasana. (no 1)

INHALE> and raise the arms above the head

EXHALE> Fold forwards into Shashankasana (No 2) (Hare Pose), keeping spine strong and then bringing your forehead to, or near, the floor and letting arms be loosely stretched forwards, palms in contact with the floor.

INHALE> and move up into kneeling but let the TOP of the head rest between the palms on the floor.

You are now approximately in the position no 3 illustrated above but the forearms remain on the floor on either side of head..not as shown above.

EXHALE> and roll back into Hare Pose (no 2)

INHALE> and glide forwards smoothly as comfortably into Cobra Pose as Illustrated no 4.

Look up.

EXHALE> and roll back into Hare Pose.

INHALE> Raise arms and then upper body to come back into Kneeling position (no 1)

EXHALE> Lower arms to sides and PAUSE.


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