Ardha Ushtrasana - easy version

Preparatory practice before full Ushtrasana

Come into a kneeling pose. Knees are hip distance apart. Feet are hip distance apart and toes are tucked under for stability.

Straighten body. Push forward hips a little bit. Join hands in front of Chest in prayer pose.

Inhale and open arms wide to sides, straight out from shoulders.

Exhale - tilt back with right arm, and reach with right hand for the top of right heel behind you.

Left arm comes up a little in air infront of you and you are looking in direction of right arm.

Inhale and come back to arms wide open pose.

Exhale and rejoin hands in front of chest in prayer pose.

Breathe normally for a couple of breaths and then practice all above to LEFT side.

Pause between rounds and then repeat to both sides 3-5 times.

Sit in Vajrasana to rest.

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