• Hmm, it's a bit freaky alright. I would like to see more lab tests of the chemical analysis of the fibres, not just microscopic photos, although the bundling of fibres in the so called 'environmental filaments' is suspect and the 'growth buds' on the filament from Wexford. I would love to have an expert on spiderwebs give me an opinion on all that, to see what they have to say about it. It will be interesting to hear of the spectro-analysis that the lab say they will do in future. It's a very interesting video, I just need more information. What is the actual composition of the fibres? Do you know? This stuff I have not heard about before.

      Agenda 21 is certainly a brazen and public declaration of malignant intent by certain power groups. Wrapped up in 'environmentalism'.

      Since as long as I can remember I have seen in the Autumn that all of a sudden one early dawn every inch of the hedgerows and tufts of grass are covered in spiderwebs. It's like they go crazy over night, but I can remember it from being a really small child too, because I have always loved spiders and been fascinated by them. Haha - even my husband and the children used to call me if they saw it first in any given year, and say ''Look what your friends have been up to again!''. It's hard to say therefore, if this is man made, but it would be a good trick to use, to mimic nature to disperse geoengineering. Going to have to keep an eye on this one. 

      It is worrying and weird the increase in aluminium in rain water samples, and the rise in dementia. And also the Transhumanism agenda is certainly progressing along apace, most of it secretive and sinister. I must check out this guy from Wexford, the one in the video - Terry Lawton. Most of my husbands family live in Wexford. This is link to Terry's  website -

      Thanks, food for thought.

  • Very sad news from Texas. With the New York attack and now this it has been a bad week. 


    ‘Breakthrough’ discovery inside Giza Pyramid baffles scientists
    Scientists discover large hidden chamber in Egypt's Great Pyramid of Giza, thanks to muon radiography technology.
    • It's cool, Lady. Here's a video of the scannning procedure. Gonna be interesting when they send in the drones to see what is there.

      • Cool, they have gotten a lot better at it. i wonder if they saw anything in there and if they are going to tell us. I bet not. but you never know.


  • Now even Ireland is on course for a Hurricane, it seems. Ophelia is possibly en route, not a very usual occurence for us here. If it makes landfall at present projections (which is not certain as it is 5 days out) people are saying it would be ''historic''. Feck! Bring in the potato plants!


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