VIDEO shocker: Dead baby parts 'harvested' during partial-birth abortions... sold to biotech companies for 'scientific' research... Profiteering from sales of baby brains, hearts and intestines

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  • It is a shocker alright, Lady. I believe such things have been going on for a long time, companies in other countries selling foetal organs to UK and Irish labs too. The way the woman speaks in this article is disgusting, the way she says they plan the crushing part dependent on what organs are needed that day. I see the organisations rush forward to say it is ''donations for medical research'', etc etc, blah blah. The article/video might focus people's minds a bit more, though I doubt it. People will get a sniff of it, raise their eyebrows briefly and then pour their cornflakes.

    It is very tricky to comment on abortion in general because so many of our beloved friends and sisters have been in dire situations where they have felt compelled to terminate a pregnancy for so many different reasons, and it is hard-hearted to condemn a choice when we have not been in those shoes.

    If pushed to the wall I can see situations, such as after violation, where I can understand why a girl might not be able to carry a child. There are also women who choose to terminate rather than give birth to a child with conditions incompatible with life, and who cannot bear to go through that. And if my daughter felt forced to have an abortion I would support her choice and love her all the way, because she is my beloved daughter who i could not but support, and I know it would be suffering enough to have been through such a choice. So how could I not extend the same acceptance to another woman who could be my daughter or sister?

    This is what makes abortion one of the most difficult issues I find to be prescriptive on. Personally I find the idea of it horrible, but that is a purely visceral thing that is my reaction. I also know many beloved women friends who have chosen to have, how to cast a first stone when i have not been in their place? 

    However, I will stick my neck out regardless- second or third trimester abortions should be illegal. The physical steps required to abort a more developed foetus are too cruel. The time limit for legal abortion is too long. Many pro-choice people acknowledge that. Physicians aborting 24-26 week old foetuses and then rushing to another room in the  clinic to save 27 week old premature babies must be a moral nightmare for them.

    But then arises the question of where to draw the line? It is a minefield.

    It comes back ultimately ( in my opinion) to a fundamental separation of self-responsibility and wise knowledge that has happened gradually in our civilisation. Because we have specialists now who divide every field into micro-compartments we have allowed ourselves to become ignorant of the whole, and abdicated our own reason and will. We hand over decisions and power to others outside ourselves and throw up our hands like helpless ninnies. Women should be informed enough from young enough to intervene early enough if necessary. How can we have become so detached from our bodies?  The herbal termination of pregnancy is an ancient practice. It is quite efficient to use natural emmenagogues very early in a pregnancy, but one needs to be completely in touch with one's cycles. How many can say that they are? Indeed women knew at one time what medicine to take to avoid unwanted pregnancy in the first place. This knowledge was refined over centuries. We have become more ignorant and disempowered by the modern kind of remote medicalisation of every part of our lives.

    Anyways, no offense intended to anyone. I know it is not politically correct to have certain opinions.

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