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Outliers exist everywhere in nature.

The Benefits of Being a Loner


Whether you're a scientist or not, chances are you've had experience with one of those things that is not like the others. Researchers are finding that loners, or small groups that don't react the way all others of their

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Debt Jubilee aka Great Reset

Since the COVID-19 matter, several have suggested some type of debt jubilee.

For example, the headline of an opinion column on the Washington Post‘s website on March 21, 2020 read: “A Debt Jubilee Is the Only Way to Avoid a Depression.”

A debt jubilee

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The Loss Of Language

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This is not a complex exploration of the subject, as I am not a linguist, or a scientist of any kind. This is a short account of recent observations and my initial reactions to them, as I find this subject to be baffling and even ominous. The idea

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Right Makes Light

Sometimes I have wondered why the present day left in politics annoy me when I was for so long a very left wing person...this article points to one possible factor, the utter humourlessness of the so called progressive left.

Source - https://www.taki

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