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Pater Noster - A Reworking...

Oratio Dominica comes from 

Luke 11:2-4 

 Jesus told them, “When you pray, say:

‘Father, uphold the holiness of your name.
 Bring in your kingdom.
 Give us the bread we need for today.
 Forgive us our sins,
 for we also forgive everyone who has wron

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''Each happy individual is therefore divine. While only God is so by nature, as many as you like may become so by participation.'' ~ Boethius

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Theosis, or deification, is a transformative process whose aim is likeness to or union with God, as tau

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Bede Griffiths ~ The Cosmic Revelation

Extracts from an article that explores Bede Griffiths synthesis of Western and Oriental metaphysics.

Griffiths lived as a yogi and a monk. Related image

''The Vedic Revelation

As does Rene Guenon, Griffiths accepts that the Vedas arise from a divine revelation.

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The Age of the Feminine

Some interesting points in this article from the Gornahoor website. People can agree or disagree equally, I am simply posting because I think there is something of value there.

Article was written in response to a comment made to author.

The Age of

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The Three Roots ~ Tau Malachi


Remember your Transcendence

''Always remember that God is with you, wherever you are, whatever is happening, all of the time. Cultivate this awareness, and throughout your days think of God with you often, and learn to abide in the this awareness, t

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