“Be willing to be a beginner every single morning.”

~ Meister Eckhart


Mysticism ~ ''that which is concealed''; Union with the Absolute.

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Inner Ring by CS Lewis

  The Inner Ring By C. S. Lewis* May I read you a few lines from Tolstoy’s War and Peace?When Boris entered the room, Prince Andrey was listening to an old general, wearing his decorations, who was reporting something…

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  Enantiodromia translates as ''running in opposite directions''.   The idea was developed by Heraclitus, but the word was coined a thousand years later by Strobaeus.  Heraclitus was a 5th century BC philosopher from Ephesus - who was famous for his…

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  • https://science.sciencemag.org/content/366/6466/eaau5141

    Interesting article

    The Church, intensive kinship, and global psychological variation
    There is substantial variation in psychological attributes across cultures. Schulz et al. examined whether the spread of Catholicism in Europe genera…
  • Plotinus’ belief that in all his lesser loves, man is seeking the divine, that it is the object he really permanently wants much more than these temporary ones, is the truth to which he must come one day. And he will come by a double movement: the first, away from them by successive disenchantments, the second by progressive glimpses of the divine beauty.

    Paul Brunton

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    • ♪♪ ... sort of a 'don't worry, be happy' ... ??

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    • "... Modern day Heyokas, when working with people, will say or do something to shift the energy which creates change, healing & balances the energy ..."
      "... The Heyoka’s gift is to bring people back into balance & get people unstuck by showing the opposite, the backward way. Heyoka’s carry the medicine of chaos & this medicine has the power to change people’s lives..."
      "... This energy is firm, forthcoming & strong. It is disruption out of love; in the hopes to experience growth. It is the medicine to show us that the shadow remains unseen & the mirror of truth is hard to gaze into ..."

      What it Means to Be The Ultimate Mirror: A Heyoka Empath
      An Empath is a person who has the ability to understand the emotional state of another individual. There are many different types of Empaths and many…
  • "The sad truth is that man’s real life consists of a complex of inexorable opposites - day and night, birth and death, happiness and misery, good and evil. We are not even sure that one will prevail against the other, that good will overcome evil, or joy defeat pain. Life is a battleground. It always has been and always will be; and if it were not so, existence would come to an end."

    ~ Carl G. Jung

  • Mary said, “Know when to retreat and when to live. When you retreat be silent and die to yourself, so that you might be alive in the Spirit. When you live, be alive and vibrant, and rejoice each day in the presence of God.”

    ~ Secret Gospel of Mary

  • "He who takes up the sword will perish by the sword. Do you think that evil can be overcome by evil, or violence by violence? The Way of Peace requires courage and patience, but it will prevail."-Jesus, Gospel of Thomas

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