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This is a temporary Video Thread until Ning provide a video section separately.

Post whatever kind of Videos you find interesting or entertaining here..and hopefully soon we will have an embedded Video App. :)

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  • Mark Blyth - How the System Screws You

  • Jordan Peterson and Theryn Meyer discuss transgender and categories and chaos and order

    Recent Interview with Peterson who is presently under fire at his University for not using ''zhe'' as pronoun


    This is a really good video with Peterson and Joe Rogan. After I watched it I mentioned it to my son only to find out he had already watched it and his buddies and that the contents are being talked about seriously by certain young people. One does not have to believe everything he says or agree, but I find him generally truthful

    • Shamelessly bumping this interview between Peterson and Joe Rogan. It is long but really very very good!

      Image result

      I made a short 5 minute clip from latter part of the video and uploaded it. Its an interesting snippet about the natural tension and dynamic in religion, and the role of our own vision, and so on. Sorry, sound is out of sync and I have not got time to do it again

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    • me likey too

      when i went there yesterday  i was viewer 1088, my fav number is 108 and 1088 is first 4 numbers of my telephone number

      I got proof! lol


  • Portugal, Colorado, Colombia and drugs

  • found this vid quite entertaining :

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