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If you experience technical issues with the site, this is the place to report them. 

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  • Glitches making posts. It happens after you put in an image or a video in a written post, so put them in at the end maybe and it might not happen. Otherwise the post reverts back up to top of page and you cannot see what you are writing. Or write a post off site in Word and copy and paste it in and then add images. Annoying. I have reported it.

    On another note, the Activity Feed has been glitchy for a while - no comments on Group walls, or profile pages, posts to the feed. Neither do status updates or likes of various things, not all. Other things too probably. Ning have decided that fixing this old feed would take too long and so they are developing a new one which will be launched in 3 weeks they say.

    Who knows.

  • There are a lot of glitches on site at the moment. Lady  has reported not being able to post in Forums at all. Comments on Group Walls and Member Profile Pages are not feeding to Activity Feed. Neither are Status Updates. And old comments and status updates have disappeared. Also yesterday i got some unpleasant pop up messages when trying to post that asked me if i would like to delete ALL Content (on site??) before posting...If you get that one press cancel or x out of it please! (>_<)

    Email notifications are also sketchy. I have sent in Support tickets for all of this to Ning and they tell me they are trying to fix the bugs. I will keep on their tail, but I can do no more than that. It's wu wei all the way now.


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    • Ticket submitted for you about this

  • The updated Chat is faulty. It does not work for me at all. Perhaps it does not work for others too, I don't know. Anyways apologies for that. Nothing I can do about it, I asked them to revert to other one and they said no. Ning has said that they intend to issue an integral Chat Feature for Ning 3 sites shortly....I will not hold my breath but at least if they do then I can get rid of that heap of crap chat there is now.

  • Yesterday Ning have made this statement. They have also fixed the recent errors.

    As some of you may be aware, we experienced a system outage earlier this morning. The cause was due to a specific network configuration change that was made during our network maintenance window.  Once we identified the issue, we quickly took corrective actions to restore service.

    As a result of this outage, coupled with the sporadic system 500 errors we've experienced over the last month, we are taking the following actions: 

    • We have kicked off a new Ning Environment System Upgrade Project. 
    • Ning Interactive will invest in network hardware, servers, system/network redundancy and redesign the overall system architecture to stabilize the Ning application environment. 
    • Once these upgrades are in place, we expect to have 100% system uptime coupled with improved overall system and network performance.  
    • Our timeline to complete this project is December 31, 2016.

    And today they said this

    Today we implemented much-needed architecture changes that will improve system availability, eliminate blocked access that affected certain areas, and reduce 500 errors.
    We will continue to monitor changes and keep you posted as to our progress.   Please let us know if you continue to experience 500 errors or blocked access to your networks.

  • Members pages customization options - new feature.

    On your home page, there is now an Add Text box at the top of page.  Click on it and there you can if you wish add Text , images, gifs, videos to your page to customize it. I am aware of one person who is unable to access their page - if anyone else has trouble please let me know and I will submit a Tech support ticket. (Note - if you click the Fullscreen box, I cannot see how to save the it's not useful to do that.) You can at any point Edit whatever you put in that new HTML box. The ''Add Text'' and ''Edit Text'' prompts are only visible to you. Only you can edit them. So.... ya know.... no absolute filth :D

    Note - if you add the following code to a Video Embed 


    into the Video embed code you copy from Youtube you can have any video you load to your customisation set to autoplay. You insert this piece of code after the Number of video and before the quotation mark. Don't insert any extra spaces and it will work. I did it on my page.

    Customising your page makes it slightly slower to load.

    Example of some random video I found in answer to how to embed with autoplay code active - 

    <iframe width="420" height="315" src="
    oHg5SJYRHA0?autoplay=1&cc_load_policy=1" frameborder="0"

    All the best.

  • A simple graph of Site Statistics is available for members (only) to view on the front page of Sanctum. It updates automatically every day. Hover over the dots on the graph to get numbers. Its just a simple graph of visitor numbers and page view numbers.

    The specific pages that visitors view are usually reached as a result of random searches on Googles, Bing etc, and vary a lot over time. Only public pages are able to be viewed but most of the site is public, as its goal is to serve as a library. The numbers of visitors increase gradually and steadily as the search engines increasingly recognise Soma over a longer period of the site existing.

    Ning was bought out a second time (this month) and the new owners (so far unknown) have fixed the most persistent bugs, such as Design Template reversions. This stops the error messages that have been common of late when it comes to posting. They have promised to remedy all bugs and offer improved service. Time will tell.

    Thank you all.

  • Mode Media who bought the Ning platform 3 years ago abruptly shut down yesterday. It appears a different company has taken over the financing of Ning - Cyndx LLC - with immediate effect. This could be good or bad. They could fix things... or not. Maybe a team of super-ninja Ning coders will appear on the scene now and fix all the glitches which are even worse than usual today!  I am inclined towards being an optimist - which may make me a fool, but at least I'm cheerful...Either way, back up your material as you go along, in case the ride gets bumpy.

    Image result

  • Just a summary of some present-moment glitches.

    Blog Page does not load for me in Google Chrome - has not done so for months. It loads fine in other browsers like Firefox and Internet Explorer. 

    Email Notification seems sketchy - sometimes I do not get notifications of replies or comments on posts, etc., and I know this is the same for some others. Plus people who have not visited in a while seem to get NO notification whatsoever, about anything AT ALL. I have tried - am still trying - to get them to fix this, but they are very slack. 

    Some people's Pages do not load or only load after several attempts or hard refreshes. Again this is something I am trying to get them to remedy but with little success.

    I had to get rid of Main Chat as Chat was just in general going bonkers so it does not appear on Home Page anymore, just in bottom tab at the end of the pages.

    Comments on Group Comment Walls still do not feed through to general Activity Feed.

    From what I can see the platform (NING) is back up for sale. This could be a good or bad thing. Maybe someone would buy it and actually fix it, or maybe it is as impermanent as Life :) I cannot guess. Sometimes I look around for a new hosting platform for Soma, but this version of Ning has yet to supply us with content export mechanism, so all content going to anywhere else would have to be manually moved. It could be done if necessary and if people are willing. Something to consider for another time. But it is not something I am concerned about overly much at present. After all we live life one day at a time, with no guarantees, so why should here be any different. I trust that all is as it should be.

    Okay if any of you have other or similar technical issues on the site you can let me know and I will pursue them (with the Support Team..who has been moved to India, and God love them, have very little control over the techies and engineers in California.)

  • Perhaps information of interest to chat users - Please note; when members, whose names appear online in ''Who's Online'' box, close down their browser or sign out of Somathread page, it takes a further 2 to 3 minutes after that for their name to disappear from the Chat box.

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