Chinese/Tibetan New Year 2019

Today is New Year's Eve. Waiting for the new moon that launches the new year. It's called Losar in Tibet.

The Pig is not the only animal to think of - In the Japanese zodiac and the Tibetan zodiac, the Pig is replaced by the boar. In the Dai zodiac, the Pig is replaced by the elephant. In the Gurung zodiac, the Pig is replaced by the deer. (Wiki)

People born under the sign of the Pig are patient, cheerful, kind and caring with an easy going manner. They are as honest as the day is long, and expect the same in others.. You will also find people born under this sign are charming. (I have a little girl pig! She hated that she was born in the year of the pig when she was small, but pigs are so cute and clever and so is she.)

2019 is an Earth Pig year. Although in China it is year 4717 (after New Year). Happy New Year - another chance to make resolutions!




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    • That's a lovely verse. I must print it out and hang it up somewhere at home to remind me.

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    • nice! Golden pig. I couldn't find much info about the influence of pig year, etc. Anyway I am glad it's new year, the few weeks since western New year were very so so.

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