You Do Not March For Me

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So, the women of the world came out – apparently – in their hundreds of thousands, if not millions, to protest against Donald Trump, fearing that he is going to roll back feminism into the stone age.

The motif they adopted were pink hats made to look like cat ears, and / or vulvas, because nothing could be more liberating than wearing a pussy hat on your head, or something. Some knitted them, patterns were shared on the web, but many, thank goodness, were able to purchase pussy hat merchandise made in top-notch time by their enslaved sisters working for subsistence wages in  factories in the developing world.

They shouted and roared about something or other, and listened – enraptured no doubt – to Madonna talk about female empowerment. This is the tweet Madonna sent out a week ago to summon her hordes to the march…

Very empowering.


And her good friends, like Ashley Judd, do not speak for me either.

Here is Ashley Judd addressing the march of ’empowered women’, losing the bloody plot and her bloody mind…..

Ashely, I don’t know you, but I’m embarrassed for you. I think you can safely go on having your period while Donald Trump is president. Maybe next time you could rant about actual grievances? Like where have all these marching, chanting, pussy-hat wearing women been while the various empires have been pulverising the women, children, and men of the Middle East for the past couple of decades?

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Did any women march against beloved Hillary accepting at least 10 million dollars to her Clinton Foundation and her campaign fund from Saudi Arabia?

Saudi Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman ….claim(s) that Riyadh has provided 20 percent of the total funding to the prospective Democratic candidate’s campaign.

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And where were they when the husband of their beloved Hillary  – #I’m With Her (Bleuch!) – was raping and molesting his way up the chain of command over the past 4 decades?

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And when the ladies dumped all their posters to make a further protest outside Trump Towers and the White House, did they imagine that Donald Trump would personally have to pick up all their garbage himself? Did they really imagine, in their hysteria, that he would get around to reading their signs? It would never be Trump picking through their litter – it was always going to be poorly paid, mostly male, city sanitation workers. But who cares as long as it feeds those righteous endorphins.

So, yeah, Ladies, stuff it, you did not march in my name. Cop on to yourselves, you are a parody of freedom.

I’m not pissed off at you, I could not be bothered to be, but it would really be much better if all that energy of yours could be put into actually protesting against something real. Like how about this – Jack Ma, founder of the biggest company in the world – Alibaba – told western powers at Davos a few days ago, and quite rightly, that no one is ”stealing your jobs.” In the past 30 years America has spent more than 40 TRILLION dollars on war. As Jack Ma says ”You are supposed to spend your money on your own people!”

“So it’s not that other countries steal jobs from you guys, it is your strategy! You do not distribute the money in a proper way,” he summarized

True for you, Jack. Perhaps next time instead of demeaning their sisters by pulling on pseudo-pussies on their heads, these marchers could protest against the infinite spending on war that is imposing unspeakable suffering upon whole swathes of the world’s poorest people.

Or maybe there is something else going on here, something more fundamental, which has left women flailing?


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Being prescient again, eh George.

How come the CIA bought up the rights to your book Animal Farm on your death, and published the film in animation form with an altered ending. Another story though.

The rabbit hole never ends….

Ladies, how about this fashion accessory for the next time? It would be better.

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  • I feel now I was too scathing when I wrote this post. I was cross at the time at what I perceived to be the cynical co-opting of women and identity politics by the DNC to subvert democracy, but more importantly that so many had come out into the streets who have not done so throughout the empire's ceaseless wars. I still hold these opinions, but they have moderated. I see that I did not credit the good intentions of the vast majority of ordinary decent women who marched because they felt for whatever reasons that it was justified. Another troubling thing that has moulded my earlier opinion has been some of the sickening reaction to the march, especially among alt right people who regard any woman who speaks her mind as a feminazi. It has been poisonous and I want to distance myself completely from that sort of ugly rhetoric. I think on the whole it is good that people mobilised, people in general should take to the streets with far more regularity, governments should be always quaking in their boots at the thoughts of the people. I hope that these activists will educate themselves on the important issues more deeply and fight for real causes now, fight for people who are afflicted by their governments war-like imperial policies- and I mean governments in every country. I would prefer if some other motif was chosen as a symbol, it is reductionist to have a vagina on ones head, and silly; it's very hard to explain to young girls why a woman would pick that as her rallying cry. But I also see now after my temper has cooled and after reading and considering different views that I should trust there are  enough intelligent people in the mix that serious worthwhile projects and goals may manifest from the march.

    I will save my breath to cool my porridge so, and see what happens!

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    • Shams of Tabriz’s 40 Rules of Love

      Rule 21

      When a true lover of God goes into a tavern, the tavern becomes his chamber of prayer, but when a wine bibber goes into the same chamber, it becomes his tavern. In everything we do, it is our hearts that make the difference, not our outer appearance. Sufis do not judge other people on how they look or who they are. When a Sufi stares at someone, he keeps both eyes closed instead opens a third eye – the eye that sees the inner realm.

      the same applies to these events

      Wise men learn more from fools than fools from the wise. Cato the Elder

  • I have missed these pink hats demonstrations or whatever they wish to call them.I have seen demonstrations all over the word when the new potus had his inauguration.But did not see any pink cat women head dresses.Funny,thought provoking (for the die hard stupid "feminists fo sure) and interesting read Admoonster.
    • ThankGnu

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    • Yeah, you're right. I am sure too there were honest intelligent women marching and supporting each other. I just think its being co-opted and mis-directed, but maybe I am being too cynical. I also find Madonna and some of the main speakers too crass. They do not inspire me at all.

      Yeah, sigh, right again, it's a new world, my personality just makes me want to vent out steam sometimes about the crap I see. I try to keep it in check...hahaha...but every now and then, I get cranky!

      A long time ago i went with a bunch of girlfriends to a feminist movie weekend thing, and one of the movies was this cartoon that showed some lady getting grumpy about her husband going to a strip joint and so she got together with all her pals and they headed off to a male strip club and got totally raucous. I absolutely hated the film, my friends LOVED it and were cheering and clapping and I ended up arguing with them, and in the end we drifted apart. I was supposed to join in with the raucous cheering or  else get off the planet. Shrugs, I don't know. I would not argue with them now,  would probably just be quiet, as I recognise now that confrontation makes me feel unwell, but i would still hate that film. :D

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        • I was thinking about this a bit, about everything having some good or bad. A lot of spiritual stories and aphorisms that i like seem to have this as their central idea, especially in the Tibetan Buddhism and so on. Who can say what is good or bad, we are too small, our vision is too limited to know what is truly good or bad long term...and so on.

          Part of me thinks this is so, and part of me wonders is it?

          Can it really be that one cannot say definitively ''this is good'' or ''this is bad''?

          It seems like inside (me) is  an argument or debate (that has been going on in philosophy for thousands of years) - is there a bottom line set of natural laws applicable across time, space and person, or is everything morally relative?

          Natural Law vs Moral Relativism

          If I was honest i probably lean more towards the first but maybe that is also because of a traditional and rural upbringing, maybe some inherent conservatism. If I lived with more diversity from birth I might be more inclined towards moral relativism. So it may be limiting conditioning, or :D getting older!

          In some ways esoteric spirituality seems to lean more towards moral relativism with its ''no good, no bad'', non-dualism, every one is their own saviour/god/judge/rule maker etc. But if i look closer at the systems I also see a non relative ground in all those ancient threads, There is an idea of a constant ''good'' or true ''order'', or a basic law that never changes though everything else in the ephemeral world changes.

          This is there in all of them.

          A Divine Order.

          And this under-lying substratum of some kind of fundamental law/rule/order WOULD (I think, but maybe incorrectly) allow us to say that x is evil and y is not. So one could say Hitler making some happy could still not be good, no matter what. Trump if he causes suffering could still not be good. Likewise just because 99% of people hate one does not make one automatically bad. Obama because he caused so much suffering with weapons cannot be considered truly good. Or at least he could only be considered good from a Morally Relative point of view. And so on. 

          Sorry, for being complicated . This has been making me think for a while and I am not arrived at any conclusions. It always comes back down (for me) to the question of the one who might assault a child or innocent. Can I be morally relative there? Can I see the good in them despite the evil. For me I cannot. But God would maybe. 


          • Extreme Ying leads to Yang and vice versa if the opposite where/is the case.
            This expressed understanding of cosmic law is usually attributed to the Daoists.
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              • Note taken Noct...and thank you.
                You are correct about the spelling.I made a dumb error.
                I will take the necessary punishment ala albino monk style for this transgression of G.
                May the Lord have mercy on me...
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            • I do want to think there is a divine order to all the world. It seems to get more and more chaotic however. 

              If there is or there isn't it does not change the fact that we are in this world for a time and then we are gone.  

              Yes, this is where my feelings are at too. Perhaps that is the exact kernel of what gives rise to the inner debate I described.

              I do have this other thing,  - that we are here, in THIS world, just as it is NOW, with all its chaos, and if one has a grand vision, then one would have to imagine we could have been ANYWHERE, in absolutely any multiverse, in any plane, in any other cosmic experience, but instead we are HERE, (briefly, yes, but still...) which makes me feel that there is a good reason for this and that we cannot be disengaged completely as if that was useful we could have been in some completely other experience where disengagement would have been the natural expression. (Oh now all the hermits and monks in the mountain flood into my mind and the long ancient history of ascetics..) But I mean as it is generally relationship on this plane seems to be the natural expression. We were all born of other women and men, we are in relationship at the very least there, and then some have siblings, and children which is more relationship, and those relations, children of siblings, and so on, will go on forward in this place, and ...well...I just feel like it would be good if it was as peaceful an experience as possible  for them.

              Sorry, I must be in one of my moods. Haha!

              PS I can imagine I would have exploded by now if I lived in America with the election and aftermath. It must be incredibly invasive. And stressful. It is already bad enough here on a lonely mountain 6 miles from the nearest village!!!

              • 2008 + 8.6

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