Building on a 'Fairy Fort'...

Thread I saw posted today on an Irish board. A farmer asked the question....

Building on a fairy fort?

Does anybody know if it is legal build a house on a Fairy Fort?
And these are the responses he has got so far....
I'd advise against it
When Dorothy's house landed on and killed the wicked witch of the north,there was awful trouble
*Don't think you can. AFAIK they are protected under the monuments act.
*Wouldn't think so. There was a note on my planning the distance the house was going to be from a fairy fort
*You'd wonder how the fairies got away with it in the first place.
They must have had someone on the council I suppose.. (My note - Council is the planning permission authority)
*They are protected archaeological monuments, it's illegal to build on or to remove them. On the plus side you own a bit of Irish history
*Remember John DeLorean-built the car factory over one!  (My note - It failed. Spectacularly.)
*I'd shake Holy Water on your keyboard if I were you. Have you lost your mind?
*Its not legal, and only a complete philistine would want to wantonly destroy an important piece of our heritage by building on it
*It's not Stonehenge like
*You're right, Stonehenge is nothing to do with Irish heritage.
*Hill of Tara then
*I would not touch any archeological significant site. We are not that tight on sites or land.
*You could always check with the fairies! Build four small, stable piles of stones in the for corners of where you plan to build, leave for a day and a night and if any of them are fully knocked over its apparently a no from the fairies. My granny was big into all that stuff! Its interesting but I don't really believe it. Good luck!
*Hmm. The OP hasn't been back since he started the thread. Maybe the fairies got him.
*I wouldn't touch one if you gave me all the money in the world.
*A guy in kerry 3 to 4 yrs ago tampered with one got a 25 k fine , rte news , plastered across every paper and possibly a supended sentence .
Any one who Fock with the fairies will eventually pay the price .

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