Amazing Grace

One day Shiva was – as usually – meditating , totally absorbed in himself. His wife Parvati came along and had this little twinge of a question. She punched him in the arm and whispered: “ Wake up !”

Shiva opened his eyes and looked at her : “ What ? What ? We just had sex two million years ago. Can´t you wait ? Have some patience !”

Parvati said : “ No it isn´t that “ and went on : “Everybody´s talking about you as this great devotional God – that you love your devotees and always serving everybody. You know, she said “ your just absorbed in yourself here. You´re not doing anything ! Why don´t you go down there and serve some people ?”

Shiva thought he should teach Parvati a lesson. First he thought,  to take her on his lap and spank her , but then she would have gotten him out of meditation three times a week.

Instead he decided to give her a different kind of lesson.

So he filled a big bag with gold, enough gold to have made anyone a king for a lifetime and threw it down to earth: “ Bang !“ . The gold fell right down in the middle of a road , waiting for a lucky devotee of Shiva to come along and pick it up.

And there came a man walking along , dragging his crippled leg and complaining : “ Oh why did God give me this leg ? Look at all healthy people around. Why could´t I have been healthier? Then I would be happy , my life would be different and I´d be rich . Now I can´t even get a job and ohhh..., “ complaining and complaining.

And he started to curse Shiva too : “ Shiva you are a real fucking dick , I worship you all my life and what you have done for me ? Nothing ! “ But after a while he got another thought : “ You know , “ he said to himself , “ things could be worse. I could be blind. Oh, that would be much worse.”

“ Let´s see, how bad that would be , “ and so he closed his eyes ,  pretended to be blind and passed right by the sack of gold. As he passed the gold he opened his eyes and thought : “Well there are some things I should be grateful for. At least I am not blind.”

Shiva said to Parvati , “ There ! Now you understand .”

And she replied : “ Yes my Lord “ and went back to the kitchen...

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  • Hahaha! Back to the kitchen to make sammiches? lol. I like that she gave him a quick punch on the arm to wake him up...

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