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Clots as Large as Eggs

What women never mention is that they are forever casting runes, the way the salt flecks the pastry flour, the way the apple peels fall to the table, the way the children’s shoes are arranged in the hallway, all these are portentous matters laden…

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2 Replies · Reply by Moon Feb 11, 2020

Eternity described by James Joyce

The voice is that of a priest in 'A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man' by James Joyce. He is trying to convey to his congregation what an eternity in Hell would be like. It is an impressive description of the idea of eternity, and  terrifies the…

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3 Replies · Reply by Erratica Nov 29, 2018

Martin Shaw / Mythologist

A writer I came across. Love the way he puts words together so exuberantly, so physically. Here are a few samples and a link to his site. (The rough gods...) “But the hour is getting late now. And when the stories we tell only have a human…

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1 Reply · Reply by Moon Aug 16, 2017

Colin Wilson

Good interview with Colin Wilson. (Video) Putting it in here in the Book Nook as he wrote one of my favourite books - The Outsider In the first 8 minutes of this video he speaks about his experience of panic attacks in a very vivid way. Later he…

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Ordinary Men ~ Christopher Browning

This book is worth a read, though some might find it depressing. It is not a literary work, it is a historical research; Browning puts together an account from the men's own confessions of how one regiment of the Order Police, ordinary guys from…

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Amazing Grace

One day Shiva was – as usually – meditating , totally absorbed in himself. His wife Parvati came along and had this little twinge of a question. She punched him in the arm and whispered: “ Wake up !”

Shiva opened his eyes and looked at her…

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  • This looks like an interesting book  - Chaos, Charles Manson, the CIA and the Secret history of the Sixties - https://www.goodreads.com/en/book/show/43015073-chaos


    Will report back after I've read it, only about a tenner to download to Kindle.

    Reviews here - https://www.theguardian.com/books/2019/jul/07/chaos-charles-manson-...

    A journalist's twenty-year obsession with the Manson murders brings shocking revelations about the most infamous crimes in American histo...
  • “glamour” - to enchant or bewitch; a magic spell (Scots). "Glamour" was an early 18C corruption of "grammar" in the sense of (occult) learning, an association which also gives us "grimoire", a spell-book. Grammar can enchant, language spellbind.

  • https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2018/04/16/the-silence-the-legac...

    powerful article/autobiographical story by the writer Junot Diaz

    Junot Díaz: The Legacy of Childhood Trauma
    I never got any help, any kind of therapy. I never told anyone.
  • "Books may not change our suffering, books may not protect us from evil, books may not tell us what is good or what is beautiful, and they will certainly not shield us from the common fate of the grave. But books grant us myriad possibilities: the possibility of change, the possibility of illumination."

    ~ Alberto Manguel

  • “There is only one way to read, which is to browse in libraries and bookshops, picking up books that attract you, reading only those, dropping them when they bore you, skipping the parts that drag-and never, never reading anything because you feel you ought, or because it is part of a trend or a movement. Remember that the book which bores you when you are twenty or thirty will open doors for you when you are forty or fifty-and vise versa. Don’t read a book out of its right time for you. ”

    ― Doris Lessing
  • Oh I do I do I do like Margaret Atwood...wish the interviewer here had shut up more, but besides that it's nice 

  • Julie Dillon

  • Yep :)

  • This reply was deleted.
    • I've looked that book up, Bobby. It looks very interesting..thanks. I will add it to my wish list. 

      Be aware that comments posted on Group Walls do not feed through to the Latest Activity feed at the moment. Post away on Group Walls...every now and then I come across then, like little hidden treasures (smiles)...so, I'm just letting you know anyways.

      Nice recommendation. Will look up some more about this book.

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