Learning and sharing Tarot. The journey of the fool. The heroes journey.

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    "Manly P. Hall in his Encyclopedic Outline has said that

    Paul Foster Cane is the leading American authority on the subject..."

    The TAROT      A Key to the Wisdom of the Ages         B.O.T.A.

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Introducing The Fool

The Fool is variously considered the first card or the last card of the Major Arcana, thus is either numbered 0 or 22. The Fool is both really, that one before and after the Journey, who finds it comes back to the natural beginning at the end,…

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The Empress ~ From Meditations on the Tarot

Source Some Extracts from Tomberg's work. The third Arcanum, the Empress, is that of sacred magic. Now, there are three kinds of magic: magic where the magician is the instrument of divine power — this is sacred magic; magic where the magician…

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The Rosicrucian Tarot ~ Mark Stavish

Article Copied from http://www.nmrjournal.com/zine/archive/issues/30/686.htm The Rosicrucian Tarot By Mark Stavish, M.A. For centuries tarot cards have mystified and instructed students of mysticism. Yet, the actual history of this deck of cards called `tarot', after the Italian playing cards tarocci, is often as puzzling as the pictures on the cards themselves. The most common tale of their origin is that they derived from a series of 22 hieroglyphs engraved or painted on 22 columns in an…

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