My return and thanks for keeping the group.

I FINALLY got a phone which allows me to access the internet anywhere, so I expect to be here more often. So you know why I started this group, I am a Taoist. I belong to an enlightenment school of Taoism. My purpose is NOT to try to convert anyone, but to share some information and ideas which have gotten me through some very tough times. If anyone is interested, I'll be happy to share a link where you can find out more about my school. It has to do with enlightenment Taoism, which is different than religious or philosophical Taoism, as well as the Taoist arts such as Qi Gong, Tai Chi, calligraphy and other recognizable Taoist arts. I believe I can add new light on different areas, explain a bit about my beliefs, and hopefully I can have some discussions with open minded people. Also, this is meant to be a judgement free group, so please don't be bashful about posting, sharing or asking questions! 

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  • Thanks Brian. Just got a smart phone not so long ago myself, handy.

    Nice to see you.

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