Chinese millenials becoming hermits..

Interesting and lovely video at Aeon website, about young Chinese people taking to the ancient ways.

I don't see how to embed the video. Worth checking out at the site.

Summoning the Recluse.

(Poem by Zuo Si, translated by John Frodsham)

Zuo Si/Tso Ssu (d. circa 306)

"Summoning the Recluse"



I built my hut upon the Eastern mountains,

Where nuts fall down and grow into hazel-trees.

In front of it is a well of icy water,

In which one can refresh one's heart and soul.

Among these fresh and brilliant blues and emeralds,

Bamboo and cypress realize their true nature.

Their tender leaves are hung with frost and snow,

But from their soaring verdure water drips.

Rank and robes are but uncertain pleasures,

You must bend or stretch as times are good or ill.

Knotting the girdle may tangle you in troubles,

Tapping your hat remove you from dirt and dust.

Hui and Lian are not my idea of humility,

Nor Shouyang mountain my idea of love.

Let us compare the different ideals we have,

Some lucky morning I'll go wandering away.


(Frodsham, An Anthology of Chinese Verse)

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