More Light !

A man was walking home late one night when he saw the Mulla Nasrudin searching under a street light on hands and knees for something on the ground. "Mulla, what have you lost?" he asked.

"The key to my house," Nasrudin said.

"I'll help you look," the man said.

Soon, both men were down on their knees, looking for the key.

After a number of minutes, the man asked, "Where exactly did you drop it?"

Nasrudin waved his arm back toward the darkness. "Over there, in my house."

The first man jumped up. "Then why are you looking for it here?"

"Because there is more light here than inside my house."

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  • This is a quite the classic Nasrudin tale. I wonder if you have any information regarding a Sufi Order that solely relies on Nasrudin tales for their teachings? I read this long ago and I cannot remember which Order it is. 

    One of the mysteries of Nasrudin is that he never seems to pass away. In fact, oddly, there are tales attributed to him based on modern situations. [Could it be that Nasrudin is an Immortal?] I love this one:  

    Mulla was travelling to London from Cairo in a four engine plane.

    After few hours of flight the captain announced that one of the engines is not working hence the arrival at London may get delayed by 15 minutes. Mulla was reading a book and did not pay much attention to the announcement.

    After few minutes the captain announced again another engine have stopped working hence delay will be around half an hour. Mulla kept on reading the book.

    After some time the captain announced the third engine is also not working hence the delay may increase to an hour or so. This time Mulla called an air hostess and told her, 'ask the captain to keep watch over the fourth engine, otherwise we may have to stay in the sky all night long!'

    • HaHaHa ! That was a really good one , Zorro ! The Story " More Light" is for me the "Mother" of all Nasruddin stories. We are all pretending to seek Truth, looking externally to get a kick or thrill here and there. The key to Reality is to start looking in our own house, but that seems not to be very interesting, because you might open the box of the pandora...

      I personally do not believe , that there is a Sufi Order that only relies on Nasrudin tales. Nasruddin and humour is certainly an essential ingredient of every genuine Sufi activity, but it is not enough,  for a balanced spiritual development. If you meet so called Sufis without humour be sure, that they are from a degenerated order, usually spiritual blockheads.

      All Sufi Orders derive either from Abu Bakr, the best friend of the Prophet Muhammed  (peace be upon him) or Ali , the son in law of Prophet who was married with Fatima, the daughter of the Prophet. They had a son, called Hussein , who inherited the esoteric lineage of the Prophet.

      The later descendands of Hussein are also called Husseini , or Sayeds (belonging to the House or family of the Prophet).

      Hussein had forseen , that the esoteric core of the Teaching could not be preserved in the container of exoteric religion and was seeking a suitable container to transport the wisdom of his family. I am quoting now from the "Bible of modern Sufism"  ("The Sufis , Idries Shah):

      "...Yet Nasrudin, in a manner wholly unique, manages to use the very fabric of intellectuality for his own purposes. An echo of this deliberate intent is found in the Legend of Nasrudin,where it is recounted that Hussein, the founder of the system, snatched his messenger-designate Nasrudin from the very clutches of the "Old Villain"-the crude system of thought in which almost all of us live.

      "Hussein" is associated in Arabic with the concept of virtue "Hassein" means "strong, difficult of access."  When Hussein had searched the whole world for the teacher who was to carry his message through the generations, he was almost at the point of despair when he heard a commotion . The Old Villain was upbraiding one of his students for telling jokes. "Nasrudin!" thundered the Villain, "for your irreverent attitude I condemn you to universal ridicule. Henceforth, when one of your absurd stories is told, six more will have to be heard in succession, until you are clearly seen to be a figure of fun."

      It is believed that the mystical effect of seven Nasrudin tales, studied in succession, is enough to prepare an individual for enlightenment.

      Hussein, eavesdropping, realized that from every situation comes forth its own remedy; and that this was the manner in which the evils of the Old Villain could be brought into their true perspective. He would preserve truth through Nasrudin.

      He called Nasrudin to him in a dream and imparted to him a portion of his baraka,the Sufi power which interpenetrates the nominal significance of meaning. Hence forth all the stories about Nasrudin became works of "independent" art. They could be understood as jokes, they had a metaphysical meaning; they were infinitely complex and partook of the nature of completion and perfection which had been stolen from human consciousness by the vitiating activities of the Old Villain.

      Baraka,looked at from the ordinary viewpoint, has many "magical" qualities-although it is essentially a unity and the fuel as well as the substance of objective reality. One of these qualities is that anyone who is endowed with it, or any object with which it is associated, retains a quota of it, no matter how much it may be altered by the impact of unregenerate people. Hence the mere repetition of a Nasrudin jest takes with it some baraka, pondering over it brings more. "So that by this method the teachings of Nasrudin in the line of Hussein were impressed forever within a vehicle which could not be utterly distorted beyond repair. Just as all water is essentially water, so within the Nasrudin experiences there is an irreducible minimum which answers a call, and which grows when it is invoked ." This minimum is truth, and through truth, real consciousness."...

      Unfortunately Hussein was murdered afterwards - like Jesus - from political reasons and the esoteric content vanished more and more from the outward religion, which seems to be the fate of every religion. 

      It is very interesting to note , that the ancient Prophet Hermes Trismegistos or Toth was in a similar situation, like Hussein,  and seeking a container to transmit his wisdom through the times.

      While Hermes still walked the earth with men, he entrusted to his chosen successors the sacred Book of Thoth. This work contained the secret processes by which the regeneration of humanity was to be accomplished and also served as the key to his other writings. In truth, therefore, it was the "Key to Immortality." It has been asserted that the Book of Thoth is, in reality, the mysterious Tarot of the Bohemians -a strange emblematic book of seventy-eight cards - which has been in possession of the gypsies since the time when they were driven from their ancient temple, the Serapeum. If you take a close look at the Tarot, you can easily observe, that it contains the whole knowledge of the Kaballa. 

      So let us not undervalue the function of jokes and playing cards...



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It is sometimes said that the Universe is Allah laughing himself into existence. The idea of the cosmic joker that begins within a broadening smile allows us to hear the profound in the profane and the profane in the sanctimonious.

"Nasrudin, why is it people laugh at you?"

"Well," said Nasrudin, "Think of me as a turban. The nature of laughter exposes the false. If people laughed at themselves they would feel naked. Therefore I provide them with a 'head covering'."

"But Nasrudin, they are still naked!"

"Shhhhh," said Nasrudin smiling .....

(Source ~ Wikipedia)