“The words that enlighten the soul are more precious than jewels.”

~ Hazrat Inayat Khan




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The Universe ~ Rumi

  What if someone said to an embryo in the womb, “Outside of your world of black nothing is a miraculously ordered universe; a vast Earth covered with tasty food; mountains, oceans and plains, fragrant orchards and fields full of crops; a luminous…

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Four Gates of Speech

The Four Gates of Speech: An old Sufi tradition advises us to speak only after our words have managed to pass through four gates. At the first gate, we ask ourselves, "Are these words true?" If so, we let them pass on; if not, back they go. At the…

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Poem of the Atoms ~ Rumi

  Oh Sun! Do rise so the atoms dance! The One who causes the earth and the heavens to dance   Joyful souls, in ecstasy, they dance I whisper into your ears where the dance is leading them   Inside the cell or out in the space In the…

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Watch your steps

2. NAZAR BAR QADAM - watch your stepsA Swiss shepherd boy was kidnapped by passing gypsies. As he was hustled away inside the wagon, he heard the ringing of the village bell. The sound became fainter and fainter as the wagon carried him away. But…

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Introduction into the Rules

The Rules or Secrets of the Sarmouni Order                                                                                       The Masters of Wisdom developed a formulation of the way of accelerated development which helped those whith strong…

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Awareness of breathing

1. HOSH DAR DAM-Awareness of Breathing-Baha ad-din Naqshband said: "The foundation of our work is in the breath. The more that one is able to be conscious of one's breathing, the stronger is one's inner life. It is a must for everyone to safeguard…

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This is the End

'When will the end of the world come, Mulla?''Which end of the world?''Well, how many are there?''Two, the Greater and the Lesser. If my wife dies, that is the Lesser End of the World. But if I die -- that is the Greater End of the World.'

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welcome to the club

Nasrudin belonged to a club called 'The Assembly of Those who are not Afraid of their Wives.' One day the Chairman called the meeting to order in the customary manner, saying: 'O all you who are not afraid of your wives – be seated.' All sat except…

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Going to the Gallows

"Laws as such do not make people better," said Mulla Nasrudin to the King; "they must practice certain things, in order to become attuned to inner truth. This form of truth resembles apparent truth only slightly." The King decided that he could, and…

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  • La Illaha (Feat. Sudha) - Bahramji & Maneesh De Moor - YouTube
  • Sufi-inspired hip-hop from Russia...

    • God, that is beautiful!

  • george redhawk - Google Search


    The lamps are different,
    But the Light is the same.

    So many garish lamps in the dying brain’s lamp shop,
    Forget about them.

    Concentrate on essence, concentrate on Light.
    All people, all possible permutations of good, evil, thought, passion.

    The lamps are different,
    But the Light is the same.

    One matter, one energy, one Light, one Light-mind,
    Endlessly emanating all things.

    One turning and burning diamond,
    One, one, one.

    ~Jalāl ad-Dīn Rūmī

  • “Forget safety.
    Live where you fear to live.
    Destroy your reputation.
    Be notorious.” 
    ― Rumi

    • I confess i cried listening to it...and it keeps popping up in my mind since :) It is a lovely song.

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