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8 minutes to spare for a spot of mind-blowing? A mesmerising video on Ernst Haeckel and his radiolaria.....

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  • The Diatomist

    We are immersed in beauty.

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      • yes :)

        I love that there are people like this eccentric man, obsessed with strange pursuits that result in the rest of us getting to see beautiful things we would never otherwise have seen.

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  • This a sweet story about Haeckel and his radiolaria...

    Haeckel started off studying medicine, but in 1859, at the age of 25, he was unhappy. His parents financed him to take a year off in Italy, and to wander and paint. (Art was his second great love, after science). He thought about dropping science altogether, as for one thing the more science he studied the less he felt close to spirit, as it seemed to be explaining everything mysterious away.

    But he ended up travelling to Sicily where at a certain harbour the conditions were perfect for washing up multitudes of radiolaria.

    He painted thousands of them. “Every morning I am newly amazed at the inexhaustible richness of these tiny and delicate structures,” he wrote. 

    Radiolaria dissolved the tension in Haeckel between science and spirit because he found in their endless variety and complex beauty the signature of divinity.

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