• Welcome Moon. How familiar are you with Reiki? That'll give me a place to start.

    • I had one Reiki treatment many years ago, it was not noticeably strong. My main work colleague's wife is a very senior Reiki master and works in surgical Reiki. Some day I might attend a session with her or her teacher. This is the sum of my knowledge on the matter.

    • Reiki has a cumulative effect. Some people don't really feel anything, and there are even practitioners who don't feel Reiki! That doesn't mean it's not working though. The first treatment will generally work to cleanse you,and you may experience cold-like symptoms, tiredness, a cough or something else for a couple of days. The Reiki itself should last up to a week or so. As you experience it more often, you may find you become more sensitive. I'm fortunate that when I give a session I can feel the flow, whether it's a hands on treatment or a distance treatment. I work mostly with distance treatments, and I'm happy to provide treatments to those who ask. Usually there should be an exchange, and that generally takes the form of money, but I don't charge. I would rather ask someone to do something to help someone with something. Kind of paying it forward. I am also willing to teach Reiki to people who are serious about learning. The only thing I ask in exchange is that they give the first treatment to someone without charge.  


  • I'm not bashful... 

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