• This is the mood I've been in since spring showed up...
    Just wish I had someone to share it with on this relaxing Friday afternoon.
    Ok... Now, I'm going to go have sushi and grean tea at the Asian restaurant down the street... on my own. lol lol
    Hope you're all having a lovely day.
  • spring is coming .... :)


    ps: check out the video sections and most of the posts i made are seeded with my favorites ( there are many ) songs


    • MrM... Thank you! I will check out the video section. I really appreciate you all sharing your music with me here... 

      Awesome video. :) 


        If we take a good look -- and listen -- at the whole of manifestation, and apply the principles of acoustics and music, and of the color wheel, the grand pattern that emerges is self-evident.More than this, a possible explanation of a medium of transmission of a universal electrogravitational influence, as a plenum far more fundamental than an ether, becomes apparent. With this realization a
        whole new understanding of physics also emerges, with awesome possibilities.

        Randall Cole Roffe



        • Psalm 57:7

          7 My heart, O God, is steadfast, my heart is steadfast; I will sing and make music.





  • My go to piece of music for uplifting mood is this one -


    • Thank you Moon. 

      Very uplifting... : ) Love it!!



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