Kabbalistic Insights.

I have a feeling this may have been posted somewhere here before but I cannot find it. Anyway I have it on a sheet of paper on my desk, so thought to post it again (maybe Noctua posted it somewhere?) As far as I can make out it is a summary of 10 points in Kabbalah from a book called ''The Everything Kabbalah Book'' by Mark Eiber. ( http://tinyurl.com/qxo3rfr )

1. There is no place where God is not. God fills and transcends all universes.

2. Everything in this world has its parallel in the realm of the Sefirot and therefore everything we do can have cosmic significance.

3. The highest state and ultimate goal of existence is union with the Divine (devekut) and perfecting the world in which we live (tikkun).

4. Every person has her own letter in the Torah; meaning, you have a unique insight that only you can teach.

5. The inner meaning of mitzvah (“commandment”; “good deed”) is an act that unifies us with God.

6. All souls stood at Mount Sinai and heard the first letter of the first of the Ten Commandments—the silent aleph of the word anokhi (I am).

7. Where your consciousness is, there you are. Your consciousness (kavana) makes all the difference.

8. All knowledge has its own melody (niggun). The niggun that contains the knowledge behind the greatest paradox is silence.

9. God is only found in joy (simkha).

10. Reb Zusya said that he wasn't worried that at the end of his life God would ask him, “Why weren't you Moses?” but, rather that God would ask him, “Why weren't you Zusya?”

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