A place to watch some real good movies, and some you might have not seen except on here. Well let all share our favorites. I myself, love warriors movies, something about a man that can kick ass, well just makes my day, and I also love a woman who can hold her own as well.  Please share your favorites. Ok my all time favorite is Crying Freeman. mmmm.

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The Story of All of Us ~ History Channel

My brother in law recommended this series of 13 shows, so I'm sharing it here. This is first show... And the rest are here... I cannot vouch for them, as have not seen them yet; but he reckons they are good enough as a primer and I trust him :) Maybe they are a bit hyperbolic and simplistic (okay, a lot) but an entertaining round up nonetheless of some historical context for (relatively recent) life on this planet, although certainly not the story of all of us.

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