Prana Shakti



Hands down my favourite form of the Goddess - full description available at

from where I take the above screen shot and the  following extracts.......



''In tattwa shuddhi, kundalini as prana shakti is symbolised as a beautiful goddess. This system of symbolising each and every aspect of human existence as a mandala is an essential part of tantra...they represent man's unknown subconscious and unconscious. It is believed that concentration on these forms detonates the samskaras that obscure the creativity and genius in man........''


''The colour of her skin is ''red like the rising sun'' which indicates the boons she can grant. Meditation on Devi in red is done for conquest over the lower self..Red is a primary colour  which represents the qualities of dynamism or rajoguna.....''


''Her six hands denote her high level of efficiency in every act she performs, and each object she holds in her six hands represents victory over different aspects of human existence. The goad is symbolic of the eradication of hostility (or repulsion/dvesha), and the noose represents a conquest over the different forms of raga or desire. The bow depicts the mind in a total state of concentration, the five arrows represent the five tanmatras (touch, smell, sight, taste and hearing), five tattwas (elements - earth, water, fire, air and akasha or space), five gyanendriyas (noce, tongue, eyes, skin and ears), and the five karmendriyas (organs of excretion, reproduction, locomotion, feeling and speech) which are brought under control by a concentrated mind. The trident stands as a symbol of the three gunas (creation (sattva), preservation (rajas), and destruction (tamas) ) in a state of balance. And lastly the skull with the dripping blood is symbolic of dissolution and annihilation of the ego.''


''Her smiling and benevolent countenance depicts Prana Shakti as one who willingly grants boons, thus ensuring the success of meditation or dhyana done on her form. Her three open eyes represent vision into every realm and the third eye in particular  indicates her cosmic vision.....Meditation on Prana Shakti is the culmination in the practice of tattwa shuddhi (the practice for purification of the elements).''





''Take your awareness to the Chidakasha - (the inner mind screen, the place where you see your dreams at night...)

See before you a vast red ocean with a large red lotus on it. Seated on that lotus is the form of Prana Shakti. Her body is the colour of the rising sun and is decorated with beautiful ornaments. 

She has three eyes and six hands. 

In one hand she holds a trident; in another, a bow made from sugarcane; in another, a noose; in another, a goad; in another, five arrows; and in her last hand she is holding a skull.

Thus, having meditated, one should apply bhasma (sacred ashes).''



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  • "The goddess is red with the fire of life; the earth, the solar system, the galaxies of far-extending space all swell within her womb. For she is the world creatrix, ever mother, ever virgin. She encompasses the encompassing, nourishes the nourishing, and is the life of everything that lives.

    "She is also the death of everything that dies. The whole round of existence is accomplished within her sway, from birth, through adolescence, maturity, and senescence, to the grave. She is the womb and the tomb: the sow that eats her farrow. Thus she unites the 'good' and the 'bad,' exhibiting the two modes of the remembered mother. The devotee is expected to contemplate the two with equal equanimity."

    – Joseph Campbell
    The Hero with a Thousand Faces (p. 94-95)


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