Female Farsight and the Lineage

!!! I feel like you so rarely see an older, female fantasy character who isn't a magic user! It's so nice to see an older woman with a sword for a change!

It's a kind of in joke that in so-called 'conspiracy' forums the demography is often younger men and, somewhat unusually, older women. Regarding the young men, one might expect this stat as they are at the perfect age to be thinking radically and joining all the dots and forming theories of everything (as they understand them). Some of the most radical and inspiring works of literature, science and art through the ages have been produced by young men in their early twenties. Of course men and women produce inspiring work at all ages, this is simply an observation of one known phenomenon. 

But the older women? Bored? Cranky? Weird? Cougars?!

Not so, apparently. I heard this idea today while listening to a Joe Rogan podcast. Bret Weinstein is a biologist and he explains the evolutionary imperative that older females have towards concern for the direction that the wider population is taking. Which maybe explains all the ladies putting in their 2 cents in the forums!. Older females of all species have the interest of the ''lineage'' or the well-being of the population in mind once they reach a certain age. (It does not mean they have to be mothers themselves to feel this way, for they will still have genetically related offspring who have gone forth into the world and whose interests concern them.) The female has released her progeny into the lineage and for her offspring to do well - a biological imperative for her - the whole population has to do well. So, she has evolved a farsightedness which is peculiar to the female, in contrast to the absolutely necessary risk-taking and adventurousness of the male which often lasts throughout his life. Both wisdoms  - though sometimes contrasting - are necessary.

I downloaded the segment and uploaded it as a one minute clip. Food for thought.

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  • very interesting article Moon :) and from past experience , i concur , all one has to do is watch conferences on youtube on "fringe" subjects and observe the population attending the presentation

    on a side note : from : White Stag


    The rites were often governed by old women, due to the ancient belief that post-menopausal women were the wisest of mortals because the permanently retained their “wise blood.”  In the 17th century A.D. Christian writers still insisted that old women were filled with magic power because their menstrual blood remained in their veins

    “Wise Blood.” tempers "Hot Blood"  :)



    the ancient ones seem to agree with your article :)

    Many myth of Heroes ( hrw ) , find along their way an older "cougar" :p that has an impact on their Quest

    § Mighty Sam McClain - When The Hurt Is Over §

    typical archetype older wisdom :



    • Binah to Chokmah – the Empress – illuminating intelligence – Dalet (the door)

    This is the highest horizontal path. This path represents knowledge in a spiritual sense, the thoughts and emotions of the universal self. The black sphere and the white sphere connect here. Knowledge gives us the definition and meaning of reality. The knowledge of Binah is based in the roots of thought, the pure symbols of abstraction. The knowledge of Chokmah is based in the roots of emotion, of satisfaction and love. On this path, these two types knowledge come together beautifully and imaginatively. Feelings of bliss, enlightenment, nirvana, and other feelings of this type are encountered here.

    • Dagon in Hebrew is spelled: Daleth, Gimel, Vav and Nun = DAG + ON. Dagon = DAG + AUN = D AG ON means the might of the fish (human sperm). Dagon is the Nun-Force, the might of the human seed. Fish symbolize the yielding fruits of the sexual strength where the qualities of the Mind Soul and Spirit are placed, and the excellence of the power of Binah, the Holy Spirit.


    *Khadijah .... kha djah .... ( first wife and She is commonly regarded by Muslims as the "Mother of the Believers" (i.e., Muslims)  )  was much older than the Prophet of Islam

    • Aw thanks M for saying it was interesting :) my spider senses picked up instantly when I heard that segment in the video - a sense of sudden fascination and I had to rewind it several times -  and it consolidated ideas for me, you know the way one phrase or idea out of the blue can do such a thing. It just made sense and feels affirmative. Thanks for your further interesting (and funny) contributions to the post.

      • along the same line of thought ,

        quote :

        " females have towards concern for the direction that the wider population is taking "

        an interesting  statistic :

        According to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics data on the percentage of females in the job category, these are the fields where women rule the realm.

        1. Child care services

        Percentage of the workforce that's female: 94%

        2. Home health care services

        Percentage of the workforce that's female: 89%

        3. Veterinary services

        Percentage of the workforce that's female: 80.7%

        4. Social services

        Percentage of the workforce that's female: 84.8%

        5. Educational services

        Percentage of the workforce that's female: 75.4%, in elementary and secondary schools

        6. Libraries and archivists

        Percentage of the workforce that's female: 76.5%

        7. Accountants

        Percentage of the workforce that's female: 59%

        8. Legal services

        Percentage of the workforce that's female: 54%

        9. Employment services

        Percentage women: 53%

        10. Leisure and hospitality

        Percentage women: 51%


        these  are what you might call the unsung hrw's of any societies ....  much respect to these great human beings ( of course i am referring to those that have a positive impact in their respective jobs  )

        § John Lee Hooker - Boom Boom [HQ] §

        • consider the above info and add it to what is below .... and think on its impact on a Macro scale

          A lot of recent research has moved beyond PMS to try to understand women’s cycles, and some of it, controversially, focuses on women’s sexual behavior around the time of ovulation. One new study, published April 22 in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B, even proposes that the menstrual cycle may play a role in humans’ musical abilities. It sounds bizarre, but the idea is that women’s preferences for men’s physical and intellectual abilities are more pronounced during the fertile part of the cycle. So a preference for more sophisticated musicianship during the fertile time of month, around ovulation, might have given men with more musical talent an advantage in mating. Over time the species would have become more musical, so the thinking goes.


          § B.B. King - Lucille §



          § Buddy Guy - What Kind Of Woman Is This §


          'Musicality as a travelling concept' The musicality of literature is a constant preoccupation, if not always a clearly delineated one, of literary studies. To speak of a novel as a symphony, a dialogue in terms of counterpoint, or a literary style as melodic, is hardly exceptional.  ( see also Hidden Musical Code Found in Plato's Texts )

          What do William Shakespeare and W.C. Handy have in common? They both utilize Iambic Pentameter – a specific metrical pattern that creates a musical rhythm in the text

          To understand Iambic Pentameter we need to understand the following term:

          Foot (plural, feet) – A unit of measure in a metrical line, analogous to a measure in music, with syllables instead of notes. (definition from The Poetry Dictionary).

          Traditional blues lyrics are written in Iambic Pentameter, which means there are 5 sets of Iamb’s per line. For example, please check out my Feet Analysis of Saint Louis Blues (first two blues choruses within the form) by W. C. Handy.

          read on

          § Sly Stone - High On You §


          Could the menstrual cycle have shaped the evolution of music?
          A new study suggesting that women select better musicians shows how women’s role in evolution is being redefined.
          • Yeah, it's a possible explanation for musical evolution, alright. Interesting too about the rhythms in literature, my old writing teacher used to say some write prose, some write poetry and some can do both - and then sometimes it is useful to break the rhythm in the writing. Plus sometimes people's rhythm of writing that would normally be very unattractive can hold a fascination - I remember feeling that way when reading Michel Houlebecq, kind of repulsed and simulataneously fascinated. Though normally i only can stick with books if they have a rhythm that is pleasing to me.

            The quarter of women on the pill probably affects some of these theories and stats. Maybe even why some really crap  modern music is considered good. Hahah

            • crappy modern music is but  a reflection of  the  Literacy and numeracy skills of young people which has fallen these past years in Anglo-Saxon countries and other European countries ...  even though crappy music can have  its charm ....  sometimes

          • 3029498?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024

            a very Alchemical Sonnet ....

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