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Ernest McClain ~ Music and Cosmology

''Ernest McClain's book constitutes an intellectual breakthrough of utmost
significance. It offers a persuasive explanation of crucial passages in texts of
world literature—the Ṛg Veda, the Egyptian Book of the Dead, the Bible,
Plato—that have defied

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Prehistory of Persia

Persia is 

one of the world's oldest continuous major civilizations, with historical and urban settlements dating back to 7000 BC. (Wikipedia)


Persian civilization, Achaemenid period, 5th century B.C. Frieze depicting griffin- lion of glazed bri

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Ancient Architects

A subject I find fascinating.

There are so many unexplained anomalies.

To see dense stone cut with such mechanical precision and yet to claim that people relied on chisels.

Here is where I will put some videos and articles about the possibilities.


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Singing Sun (and Dancing Earth)

"The Sun is playing a secret melody, hidden inside itself, that produces a widespread throbbing motion of its surface. The sounds are coursing through the Sun's interior, causing the entire globe, or parts of it, to move in and out, slowly and rhyth

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