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Sometimes the crazy is really crazy, sometimes the crazy is half-real and half-crazy, and sometimes the crazy is real.

A place to post odd ideas that may or may not be true. 

A photo smuggled out of a 1972 Rothschild Illuminati Party.

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    • Yes, agreed.


      I have cooled down about it a bit. For the moment :D

  • ach I know its annoying that I bang on about these stupid political things and have strong opinions and I should be less concerned but I obviously have some shitty karma to expunge in this area that keeps me returning to worldly affairs and Maya so apologies for that. Gonna probably drone on about such things until that moment of illumination when I suddenly stop... Which may take a while to arrive by the looks of things

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    • Lol yeah - ''free speech martyrs'' maybe  haha... :-)

      TeleSUR publishes Abby Martin, that's about the only stuff that has been censored so far that I have any interest in. But I do still see the problem overall. Phones are provided by private companies. Planes are provided by private companies. Say if you want to use your phone or travel on a plane to make comments that are considered fake news...should the company be allowed stop you using the phone or the plane? Also, Twitter banned rotten ol Donald Trump from blocking people recently because they told him this is the new ''Public Square''. If they want to be the new Public Square then they have to allow people express themselves as tthey would in a regular public square.


      It'll all be grand until it is someone we like who is banned. I think certainly monitor for hate speech and remove disgusting stuff, but censorship generally is a very dangerous road.


      Agree with you on the artificial communities. Jones doesn't have his own private community to preach to either now as that was taken down today or yesterday. I never listened to him, he just looked too silly. But all this stuff will be driven underground - at least in the public eye people like that can be kept an eye on. Like you say, martyrs now, conspiracy is confirmed in their minds.


      As an example of why I find it worrying, genuinely...

      The main stream newspapers and televsion channels in the UK - almost all of them, the ones that get beamed into everybodies homes and that people think are the real trustworthy media of public record and thus balanced and respectable -  reported repeatedly affirming the truth contained in the September Dossier compiled by the British government in 2002, saying that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. Because of that absolutely fake news (since proven to be deliberately fake) 500,000 people, maybe even up to 2 million, died as a result of the invasion of Iraq that was based on the untrue claim about weapons. No one investigated it ebfore publishing and people were shushed who objected.  That is only one example of how propaganda and spin is everywhere, not just in visibly outrageous places. I have not seen anywhere in so-called alt media deaths and suffering in the incredible numbers caused by so-called legitimate media platforms publishing false information because they are the mouth pieces of governments.

      • further reflection.....a friend pointed out to me this evening that so-called alt-media is not the same as dissent, that dissent is something one can do only in small circles of family and friends where people truly have dialogue and debate. That these sites themselves are full of censorship. That they will probably all be taken down and many others too who a

        re trying to be truthful will be caught up in the net. Anyways I thought that was an interesting point, that dissent is a more personal inside task that cannot be stopped by any censorship

  • It's not just the big ''baddies'' like Alex Jones who are being censored. Minor ''baddies'' like  Jay's Analysis and Gavin McInnes have been taken off line. And in case people think it's a righteous purge of the right (I don't agree with these people but I agree with their right to free speech) Telesur has been removed from Facebook. This is a left wing dissenting voice. 21st Century Wire is also in the sights of the censors. Again, none of these are my go to sources, but if all voices of radical dissent and criticism and even ididocy are to be removed then all of us are being controlled. I am sure more are to come. Many more.

  • Salafism in Sweden



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