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A Mandala to Crochet - OMG

Embarrassing confession. I am a crochet geek. Just came across this AWESOME picture of a completed Mandala bed quilt and the pattern! Seriously, isn't it fabulous! This is going straight on my Autumn/Winter to do list. (Wow).


8 foot diameter Manda

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School of Future ~

Mikhail Schetinin Lyceum School in Russia.

"If a child's heart is open, he is a genius. If you open his heart and remove complexes, tensions and fears... you'll see a genius, already on his right path."

~ Schetinin

Not saying I agree with everythi

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A Stone House ~ This Too Shall Pass...

I have a fascination for old ruins of simple cottages, not necessarily the big fancy ruins of castles, though they have their own attractions. But there is something about the ruins of the homes of ordinary people, who led ordinary invisible lives, t

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Sweat Lodge.

Sweat Lodge.



I am building a sweat lodge with the intention of its being used the day after the next Full Moon, May 15th.

This is a record of the building of it, for the purpose of preserving the instructions.

Ireland had traditionally

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That's it! I am Convinced. I used to always be barefoot, until i moved into a posh house. I am barefoot indoors still but have been wearing shoes in the garden. BUT....The shoes are off again as of today and the hobbit feet are back out full time (ex

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The Primeval Code

The Primeval Code.


Dr Guido Ebner and Heinz Schurch working at the Swiss pharmaceutical company (now called ) Novartis did experiments in the late 80's and early 90's where they exposed cereal seeds and fish eggs to Electrostatic Fields.


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  • the song sung in the open of

    Ek surmayi dhadkan khule aam

    Darbaadi kanara gaa rahi thi

    Kuch nagme shulini ki den hnai

    Kuch chahat bahti dariya ki darmiyani


    Ek surmayi dhadkan khule aam

    Apni eilan me bah rahi thi


    Kabhi bekhabar dastak bhi paar late hnai

    Ma ki khusbu aur diwaangi ji deewani

    Ek pal pal me guzar jate hnai aankho jeete ye jawani


    Wo nagma jo khule aam gaye jaate hnai

    ansu ke ghNut piYe pilate

    Kuch shaks ham jawani jiye jate hnai khilkhilate


    Deewangi jannat hai asshiyna mere yaar ki

    Kuch pal sukhi gulzaar hai  jee lene ki iqbari


    Ek surmayi dhadkan khule aam

    Apni eilan me bahti hai

    nazdikiyNaa khud hi khudi hai

    khud-i-talab hai zindegani



    10th September, 2013






  • Awesome!!!  Thank you for recording all of that.......very cool ADMoon!!!

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